Flowers the Wei to tranquillity and inner peace

Often bound with notions of love, bliss, beauty and peace, flowers have been known to uplift our spirits and set joy in our hearts for as long as we can remember.

We’ve all shared a silent smile at an unexpected blossom peeping out of its bud during a stroll between destinations; we use flowers to mark celebrations and ceremonies, to farewell loved ones, and they’re an age old fallback option for romantic interests everywhere…

Our reaction to flowers and their scents makes it undeniable that they mingle with our psyche, and indeed have the ability to alter a mood or intention, but have you ever wondered how our bodies are actually influenced by these bouquets and blooms of beauty?

According to Lotus Wei, a concept using flower mists and elixirs to balance and alter moods and perceptions, it’s actually quite a simple hypothesis.

Similar to the way that acupuncture nurtures our bodies, flower essences flow through our meridian system. The science behind this concept is known as sympathetic resonance.

An easy way to grasp this concept is to imagine two tuning forks: when one tuning fork is struck to create a tone, the other will also vibrate, even though it is not physically in contact with the original instrument. This is because the vibrations in the sound waves expand outward, causing the second tuning fork to hum in resonance. This reverberation is also found between our energy and flowers.

Essentially, like the tuning fork paradigm, flower essences strike a chord deep within us, as we absorb the sensations of the natural and profound health benefits found in plants and flowers. 

Lotus Wei creations play on three of our main senses, smell, touch, and our sixth sense (or state of mind) and create through resonance immediate feelings of positivity (similar to when we’re noticing that blossom, or breathing in a lily received from a loved one). Used consistently, they revitalise, uplift, energise and bring peace to our mind and body, and eliminate non-constructive patterns that tend to build up over time. 

If you would like to experience the rebalancing qualities of the beautifully scented Lotus Wei Mists or delightful Elixers, please feel free to visit us in our new tranquil Spa & Wellness Centre in Manuka.