Oils and Massage Based on Ayurvedic Principles

Ayurveda medicine practice stems from an ancient Hindu philosophy and is about creating a long and fulfilling life – encouraging health, vitality and longevity. The actual practice of Ayurveda is centred around prevention rather than cure. At the core of this preventative outlook is a custom of personal healthcare. This includes massage (often self-massage) with the use of Ayurvedic oils which can relieve the mind and body from various kinds of stresses and toxic build ups.

Many ancient Indian texts (written 500 years ago) state that:

‘a person with a view to preserving and promoting positive health should use massage therapy every day.’

A positive way to unlock the body’s innate healing ability is with daily self-massage using Ayurveda oils. This revitalises the body and mind, and empowers your body to maintain optimum health. Many of us live a high stress lifestyle, where time is the biggest factor (and Excuse!) in not looking after ourselves. The effects of stress have such a negative impact on our overall physical, emotional and mental wellbeing that we are often struggling just to make it to the end of the day. Ask yourself is all this work and stress, and no relaxation really worth it? How can we help and look after others when we can’t even help ourselves?

Our skin contains the largest amount of beneficial hormones in the body. Therefore, touch through massage communicates a positive message. This in turn helps to balance the endocrine and nervous systems, enlivens the vital energy centres and affects billions of nerve endings that connect to all parts of the body including vital organs. Could this be why we walk out of a massage session feeling like a brand new person? Imagine that on a daily basis when applying the Ayurvedic self-massage practice.

Oils work on the Ayurvedic principle that each person is composed of a Dosha (combination of 5 different elements – ether, wind, fire, water and water). Doshas need to remain in balance for a person to experience optimal health. When imbalanced this can manifest into negative and undesirable conditions. By using oils in massage based on the Ayurvedic principles it can become a powerful contributer to maintaining harmony and balance in all aspects of our lives. These oils also have aromatherapy properties and the inhalation of them also adds to the experience of balancing the mind and body.

The oils are composed of extremely small molecules which penetrate the skin easily and can be transported throughout the body using the healing properties of the constituents. This has a direct effect on our cells and therefore, our overall wellbeing.

These are some of the conditions that massaging oils into the skin can be used for:

  • Insomnia
  • Muscular pain
  • Stress
  • Arthritis
  • Back pain
  • Psoriasis
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Immunity
  • Anxiety
  • Circulation
  • Concentration

The benefits of massage based on the Ayurvedic principle include:

  • Stimulate internal organs

Here at Live Well we use high quality oils that have an immediate effect on one’s mental and emotional wellbeing by targeting the body’s meridians and energy centres (similar to Ayurvedic principle Doshas). We have a range of Body Treatments and wraps which will leave you feeling balanced, refreshed and in complete harmony.There is no reason not to take control of your health and what better way than a massage or body treatment here at Live Well.