Delicious and Simple Chia Seed Pudding

A great little breakfast, snack or dessert. Super easy to whip up, and is a hit with kids and adults alike!

Why they’re so good

These little guys are nutritional powerhouses packed full of healthy, nourishing omega fatty acids, amino acids (protein), fibre and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, manganese. And are rich in antioxidants, giving us a good dose of anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing nutrients… On their own, chia seeds have a low impact on  glycaemic load (that means they don’t mess with the blood sugars too much), however suffice it to say, adding sweeteners (as mentioned below) will alter the effect on blood glucose levels). They’re also gluten-free.

Tip: They are a nutritious addition to lots of different dishes and are a common extra in smoothies, cereal and yoghurt.

Ingredients for the basic pudding:

  • 1/3 cup of Chia seeds –any colour (available from your local supermarket, healthfood store or online)
  • 1 and-a-half cups or about 400ml of your choice of milk (Almond milk; Oat milk, Rice milk…); but for this recipe I’m going with Coconut milk, as it just gives it such a wonderful flavour…

Serves: Roughly 2 decent-sized serves or about 4 smaller serves, depending…

Time: Takes less than 5 minutes to prep, then leave in the fridge for a few hours for the seeds to get their absorbing boots on... (you will see them enlarge and have a jelly-like quality to them when they're ready)

Sweeten with: ¼ of a cup (or to taste) of:  Mayple syrup/Raw honey/Agave/Rice syrup; Soaked, chopped or blended (with a splash of water) dates; Vanilla (real) paste or bean –YUM!; Cinnamon; Berries…


  • Pour chia seeds into a medium-sized serving bowl
  • Stir in milk
  • Add sweetener
  • Mix in any extras
  • Cover and leave in fridge for a few hours… The seeds soak up the fluid from the milk and expand, becoming gelatinous –but still have a crunch when you chew them, which I recommend, to break the seeds open before digesting so your body can access the amazing nutrients inside…
  • Garnish with some desiccated coconut and/or a light sprinkle of ground cardamom.


  • It’s also storable in the fridge for a few days when kept in an airtight container, making it a perfect go-to that’s easy to prepare ahead.

Once you’ve got your coconut chia pudding down pat, go ahead and have a play and mix things up with some optionals and alternatives to treat yourself and your loved ones with... Like:

  • Cardamom (highly recommended with the coconut milk pudding!!)
  • Fresh berries
  • Coconut bits
  • Banana   



Shanna Choudhary is Live Well's naturopath and resident nutrition guru! She loves nothing more than inspiring you to eat well and feel fantastic. For questions about nutrition, healthy digestion and hormone balance she is your 'go to' girl.