Are you interested in eating more healthy foods but concerned its going to blow the budget?

Many people believe that eating healthy is expensive and time consuming; however this is not necessarily true. In reality eating healthy can be cheap and easy. It may seem like processed or "convenience" food is cheaper, but the question you need to ask is; Why? These 'foods' often use cheaper ingredients that provide less nutrition, less sustained energy which results in the need to eat larger quantities more often to feel fulfilled!

Here are some easy tips that can be used to keep your bank balance happy whilst boost the nutrition and health benefits of your food:

  • The less processed the food is, the more nutritionally valuable and less expensive it tends to be - so consider making your own cakes and biscuits at a fraction of the price and without all the preservatives and additives

  • Try and buy staples in bulk - such as beans, whole grains and oats.

  • Beware of supermarkets! Generally the perimeter of the supermarket has the healthier options, while the centre has the processed foods.

  • Avoid buying pre-seasoned or marinated meat and fish as this means you are paying someone else to do it for you. Plus by seasoning yourself you control what goes in!

  • Grow your ownherbs and vegies

  • Consider buying generic/no name brands - when it comes to standard items such as oats and rice there is often no difference in quality as it generally comes from the same place.

There are many sources of inspiration online for healthy recipes that can inspire and encourage without costing the earth. The energy that you put into sourcing and making healthy food will repay you with higher vitality and better wellbeing.

Some informative and inspiring blogs to visit:


Nutritionist Kelly Mulcair's mission is to show people that healthy eating does not have to be time-consuming, complicated or boring.  She tries to keep her recipes as simple as possible. 


Promising a tastier take on whole foods, Sprouted Kitchen offers recipes that use seasonal ingredients, and organic/local when found accessible + affordable.


Cheap Healthy Good is 'dedicated to the advancement of frugal, nutritious, ethically-minded food in everyday life'. Occasionally, they throw in some pop culture references for fun!


For those of you whose eyes are as big as your stomachs, this is the ultimate online food destination. Beautiful photos lead to recipes, which, hopefully, will lead to delicious meals in your own home.