Still Trying…?

Have you noticed how there is mountains of literature and support for expecting and new parents, yet for those still trying to conceive it can be tricky to find a helpful balance of information, practical and emotional support?

At this time, in addition to looking after your physical body, attending to your changing emotions, experiences and relationships can be just as important to maintain self-care and a sense of positivity, resilience and calm.

Live Well now offers professional counselling and emotional support to individuals and couples in transition to becoming a parent. Katrina Berg Howard is an experienced counsellor and coach and because she has experienced her own challenges with fertility and conception, she has genuine empathy and understanding of the thoughts, emotions and behaviours which can occur when your dreams for having a family aren’t going exactly to plan.

As each of us comes from different family backgrounds and been exposed to individual life experiences, everyone’s approach to coping with challenging situations is unique. Sometimes it’s not easy for others in our life to understand. Counselling is a confidential, constructive conversation and process to help clients reflect and respond to their circumstances with enhanced self-awareness, integrity and strength.

Whether you are at the early stages of family planning, have diagnosed fertility concerns, are undertaking assisted reproductive approaches or experiencing lifestyle and relationships pressures, having an objective sounding board could help.

Katrina integrates a range of practical coaching strategies, counselling and mindfulness meditation approaches to suit each client's needs and she brings experience, natural warmth and creativity to her work.

 Katrina's Training includes:
•    Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change
•    Accredited in Narrative, Sandplay and Focusing Oriented therapy
•    MBTI Accredited Facilitator
•    Lifeline Accredited Telephone Counsellor
•    Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Katrina's Professional Associations:
•    Counsellors and Psychotherapists Association of NSW
•    Career Development Association of Australia
•    International Coaching Federation – Australasia

Katrina is exclusively available to Live Well clients on Thursdays or after hours by appointment. Please call (02) 62950400 to book an initial consultation.