Canberra is one of the few Australian cities that experiences all four seasons, and, as a result, there are two types of people who live here…

Firstly, there are those who relish the cold. These individuals will the frost and stony winds to come sooner and feel a sense of aliveness from the tingling, numbing sensation on their fingers, cheeks and nose. Outdoors in the cold is heavenly for those who are invigorated by that rush of icy air filling their lungs on a freezing winter morning. But not I.

No, lovely Livewellers, I fall into the other category of Canberra residents. And, if  you are a warmth-seeker like myself, then you know all too well that a human form of ‘hibernation’ is often the favoured, if not the only bearable activity for those colder Canberra months.

What’s all this got to do with the price of fish, (or in this case, with fertility), you might ask?! Well, let me tell you!

Vitamin D is extremely important for fertility in both men and women alike, and one of the easiest ways to obtain this vitamin is from the sun!


Vitamin D For Men

Vitamin D reduces the possibility of DNA fragmentation of sperm, which is a significant factor in male infertility. A recent study in Sydney involved screening the blood of 800 men with fertility problems, with around a third of these showing signs of vitamin D deficiencies. After a change in diet and lifestyle, including making a conscious effort to gain more vitamin D, there was improvement in most of the men’s sperm quality, and 40% of the men studied achieved a successful pregnancy with their partners. Vitamin D also helps increase testosterone levels, the main sexual hormone in men.


Vitamin D for Ladies

Ladies, vitamin D is vital for your fertility levels too! Studies have revealed that vitamin D plays a role in how your estrogen acts inside the uterus, particularly in the development of the lining. Also, a project from the Yale University School of Medicine studied nearly 70 women, all with current fertility issues and found that 93% of these women were lacking in vitamin D. Nearly 40% of the women who had ovulatory dysfunction also had a clinical deficiency in vitamin D, and vit-D deficiency has also been linked to PMS, PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome), and sadly, infertility.


So, Livewellers, the message is clear. Whether your preference is for the warmer, or the colder seasons, it’s important to get some sunshine whatever the weather, summer or winter, all year round. And so, as those days get colder, bring out those winter woollies and join me on my first season of embracing, rather than shunning that (very) fresh winter air! After all, the sun shines every day, so we might as well enjoy it!