Diet, as you may well know, is a huge component of our overall health and wellbeing. But, we’re not talking fads and famine, rather the big-picture idea of long-term healthy living.

What we put into our body can have a massive effect on our energy levels, immune system, complexion, libido, and, yup- you guessed it – fertility success.

Now, we realise that dramatic changes to your food habits and lifestyle might feel a bit drastic, but just hear us out, because there’s one simple tip that EVERYONE can do to boost their health and improve their diet.

Juicing fresh fruit and vegies and blending yummy smoothies is one of the simplest ways to gain a few gold stars for maintaining a healthy diet, and it’s one of the most effective, too!

Consuming fruit & veg in liquid format means our bodies can easily absorb the nutrients, and it’s much easier to increase the intake. AND, by sipping away on that juice or smoothie, you’re providing your body with an abundance of good building blocks for healing and building healthy cells in preparation for conceiving.



Some Yummy Combos For You

Smoothies can be made with a milky, soy, or fruit juice base, and blend ice and fruit together to make a thick, delicious drink. Quite filling, they’re also great for breaky on the go, or a quick healthy snack. Try…

  • Banana + cinnamon + milk + yoghurt +honey
  • Berries + yoghurt + milk + honey
  • Strawberries + orange juice + ice + lemon sorbet
  • Banana + LSA + soy + honey + yoghurt + blueberries +ice


Juice is delicious and refreshing, and a great energy boost. Try single fruits, a combination of a few, or a mixture of fruit and vegetables to get the energy flowing! Try…

  • Apple + carrot + ginger
  • Orange + pineapple + watermelon
  • Watermelon + lime + mint
  • Apple + orange + celery + beetroot + carrot + ginger + strawberries


Now All You Need To Do Is...

  1. Buy organic! Organic produce contains no harmful pesticides or herbicides, which have a reputation for impacting fertility in both men and women.
  2. Choose your combo. Whether it be fruit and vegies, just one or the other, or a delicious smoothie, get creative, and mix and match.
  3. Drink up! It’s important that you drink your smoothie or juice ASAP as nutrients begin to fade as soon as your produce has been exposed to oxygen. Only cut your produce just before it meets the juicer, and make sure you get it into your system without great delay.

Until next time, live well everybody! And happy juicing...