Now where were we…ah, yes we were discussing how to track the beautiful egg so the handsome sperm knew when to look for her. Let us now explore the story of how the sperm became strong enough to overcome all the obstacle between him and meeting his beautiful egg.

There are many factors that can affect the quality and/or quantity of sperm, most as simple as diet and lifestyle. Sometimes it can be difficult and take time to make sure the handsome sperm is up to the challenge of meeting his beautiful princess. It has been reported that more than 40% of couples who have difficulty or are unable to have children is because Mr Sperm may be having a few problems.

In order to ensure that Sperm Charming is fit, healthy and strong it is important to note the three main factors that threaten this daring sperm.


Sperm Count

Research has determined that to increase the chances of a woman falling pregnant, a man has to have at least 40 million sperm per ejaculation. About 6% of men aged between 15-50 struggles with infertility. If there is no underlying medical issue present to the cause of low sperm count, there are some things that may cause a temporary reduction in sperm numbers.

This can include heavy duty cycling, exposure to extreme heat, ill-fitting underwear, performance pressure, insomnia and emotional stress. However, there is a number of lifestyle changes that a man can do increase the sperm count including:

  • Studies show that sperm count can be improved through a combination of zinc, vitamin C and folic acid
  • Stop smoking as this significantly reduces sperm count
  • Prevent overheating of the scrotum, often caused by tight underwear and extended times in a sauna/spa
  • Prevent excessive stress and begin relaxation exercises such as breathing techniques or meditation
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Stop using drugs, including alcohol
  • Stop steroids which may cause testicular shrinkage
  •  Do not overdo intense exercise as this causes high levels of the adrenal steroid hormone which can lead to testosterone deficiency
  • Stay away from environmental hazards as much as possible – i.e. pesticides, lead, paint, radiation, heavy metals
  • Eat a healthy balanced diet, stay well hydrated and sleep well – Maca powder and goji berries have been shown to increase sperm count

This list may seem long and daunting, but as long as you try to reduce the risks as much as you can, you will increase your sperm count and therefore your fertility. By having vast numbers of Sperm Charmings, the success rate of pregnancy is increased as greater numbers provide more of a chance of winning fair maidens heart.


Sperm Motility

Sperm motility relates to the ability of the sperm being able to move properly towards the egg. As opposed to sperm count which is quantity, motility describes the quality of the sperm which is very important for successful pregnancy. Sperm which do not “swim” correctly will never make it to the egg and therefore, no fertilisation can occur. Studies suggest that diet low in carnitine (a type of protein) may cause problems with sperm motility. Red meat is a typical source of this protein. Deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals can also affect sperm motility. Vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc, folic acid and omega 3 fatty acids will assist in improving sperm motility.

So in order to get Mr Handsome Sperm in fighting fit and healthy order, it is important to provide him with the proper nutrients to succeed on his quest to reach the beautiful egg.


Sperm Morphology

Sperm morphology describes the number of normal shaped sperm. In order to fertilise the egg, sperm must be a particular shape. The normal shape of sperm is defined as having an oval-shaped head that is 5-6 micrometres in length and 3 micrometres in diameter. A cap covers 40-70% of the head and must be well defined. There should also be no visible defect on the sperm. However, it is important to take into consideration that research has determined that only 14% of sperm need to have a normal shape.

Low sperm morphology may be temporary and show improvement after lifestyle changes. However, it can also be due to testicular abnormality or injury.

The changes in lifestyle recommended for increased sperm count and motility are the same for improving morphology. A recent study at the University of Sheffield was conducted where participants reduced fatty foods, eliminated alcohol, smoking and drugs, and increased healthy, fresh foods. Smoothies made with fruit such as blueberries, mangoes and raspberries were also used. This high antioxidant diet showed significant improvement in the quantity and quality of sperm.

Now that we have explored how to increase the numbers and make Mr Sperm Charming strong and buff, it is time to put the theory into action. By following a regime of increased exercise, proper nutrition and decreasing all the nasties the handsome sperm now has a fighting chance at reaching and winning over the beautiful egg. Once he does that that all live happily ever after.

The end.