Detoxification Part Two – How to Detox

Let’s Recap. Before we explore how to go about doing a detox, lets recap the main points we talked about in Detox Part One. We learned that:

  • Detoxification is cleaning out the body of harmful pathogens and toxins that have accumulated due to what we have eaten, drank, or been exposed to. 
  • Toxins that remain in our body can cause blockages in our receptor sites, transport mechanisms, and in our body’s nutrient absorption. 
  • Toxins can cause oxidative damage and are a major source of most digestive problems people suffer from these days.   
  • Unless we detoxify our body, it will not be able to function optimally, and we will not have the energy that we need or the health that we want.


Detox Program

There are various ways of doing a detox, but one program does not work for all. We are all individual beings and have our own unique constitution. The best thing to do in order to do a proper and complete detoxification is to go to your practitioner and let them create a program specific to your needs.

Here at Live Well we have special tests that we do to ensure we provide you with the best detox program.

  • Iris Analysis – to check which organs need detoxification and support
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Testing – to check mineral levels and heavy metals in the body that have been depleted due to the body’s imbalance
  • Amino Acid Assay – a full amino acid analysis to check that the body has what it needs to function optimally and to rebuild itself effectively
  • Food intolerance test – to identify foods the body is unable to tolerate and thus causing reactions internally when they are consumed
  • Free Radical Testing – to check levels of oxidative stress and free radicals in the body.
  • pH testing – to check if the body pH is acidic or alkaline

In a consultation we can discuss your particular needs and choose the right tests for you.
Can’t wait to get started?

Here are a few simple tips to start off with that you can do on your own to get started on your detox:

  • Ensure you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.
  • Avoid processed foods, fatty foods, alcohol, coffee, softdrinks, and other stimulants.
  • When handling cleaning products, use the proper protective gears.
  • Keep your house clear of moulds, by regularly checking and cleaning areas where moulds may grow.
  • Adapt a healthy lifestyle by ensuring that you are sleeping well, eating right, and exercising regularly (not every day, but regularly)
  • Learn to de-stress through meditation or yoga.
  • Incorporate green smoothies in your diet.
  • Laugh as laughter is the best medicine and the best balancer for our body.

Michelle Jones is a results driven anti-aging naturopathic practitioner. She believes in the quest for optimal health and helps her patients understand that longevity and optimal health are within their body's capability, as long as it is provided with the necessary tools to ensure optimal function, growth, and development. 

Michelle's practice focuses on reversing ageing inside and out and has helped patients with gut disorders, hypertension, diabetes, food intolerances, and chronic illness achieve optimal health. To book an appointment with Michelle, call the centre on 02 6295 0400