EFT Meridian Tapping: Part Two

What kinds of things you can use it for, and how it can help you

The beauty of EFT is that it can be used for so many different things. But definitely, being able to “teach an old dog, new tricks” is right up there for me.

What do I mean by that?? Well, EFT is such a gentle, non-intrusive and profound technique -literally at your fingertips(!), which can actually modify and help rewire the old brain, our nervous system, and physiology in general (e.g. stress, hormones, pain, sleep, emotional “wellbeing"); including being able to affect both the conscious and subconscious mind; and even, yes, even (and especially) the amygdala or fight/flight centre of the brain. Which means EFT has the capacity to correct imbalances at such a fundamental level (one in which we generally do not have much “control” over). 

I’d encourage you to think about it for a second… How would you feel, and what might you do, if you could “tap” a magic wand (or simply use your fingers to tap on particular meridian points!) and change an emotional response/thought/belief you’ve been harbouring, and remove an old thorn from your side? Or if you were able to gain a valuable new insight or perspective that allowed you to then cut loose and move forward in your life; or to simply short-circuit the stress and craziness of life to find peace, equanimity, clear-mindedness???

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

We are human. And it’s a part of the human condition that sometimes, despite our best intentions, knowledge, intelligence, and logical mind, we can wind up being led astray and even “hijacked” by our emotions, thoughts and unconscious goings on.This is another way we can use EFT, as it is also a wonderful tool for helping to clear and/or neutralise negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs that may be contributing to poor health, wellbeing and quality of life. 

EFT can also help us to identify, understand, and clear things that may be holding us back or undermining our good efforts; for example, to create desired changes or really go for gold in our lives. Or perhaps, it’s more of a lingering sense of just not feeling good or deserving “enough” that’s holding you up; or a dreaded sense (or fear!) of “failure" casting its cold shadow over things?

Another way we can understood it, is that there are usually themes we’ll find ourselves in a familiar struggle with, that can generally be traced back to a (misleading) belief. A belief being, the seed of an idea that we then set in stone to believe as true. We then proceed to find evidence for our beliefs, in the way we interpret events and information, to in essence, affirm what we “know” to be fact or true (a process also known as confirmation bias). This “knowing” or backing-up of information that supports of beliefs is then reinforced by our natural physiological and limbic responses to our thoughts/ideas/the way we see the world.

Our thoughts, beliefs, and the way we perceive things create an emotional (limbic) response, which in turn, produces a chemical response in body, thus validating what we “think” we “know”. 

We then put the data + the thoughts we have generated in response to that information + the limbic/emotional imprint + the physiological/chemical feedback, all together to collate the “evidence”.

With EFT we can impact all of these aspects, by “tapping” on the beliefs, thoughts, emotions and stress responses that have been created in our mind/body.  

When we can bring up a thought/feeling/event/conversation/belief without feeling an emotional charge, or feeling as though it is still true, we can then plant the seeds of positive change.

Beliefs that we’ve been (consciously or sub-consciously) holding onto, act kind of like a lens that we see our lives through, colouring a great deal of our experiences. EFT is something we can use to address any unresolved stress/events/beliefs, along with emotional and subconscious influences, as likely contributing factors of dis-ease and dysfunction (on various levels), in order to help us open new pathways for health, growth, and healing.

What’s more is that there is no need to “open up old wounds”, dissect or overanalyse stuff to experience wonderful results… By applying the tapping sequences on the meridian points and bringing to mind the thing we wish to work on in a guided manner, we can shift veritable mountains.

In short, the techniques used in EFT meridian tapping can help us to address various aspects of our lives, thoughts, emotions and behaviours that we may have previously struggled to resolve. That’s because we can go straight for the “wiring” (limbic/chemical/physiological response system), to correct and restore balance, clearing blockages and/or stresses in our energetic system (similar to the way Acupuncture and Kinesiology work).

This approach is definitely much more helpful (and user-friendly!) than trying to tackle our challenges stresses with sheer will and determination. And is a wonderful self-care tool that we can use to balance, support ourselves, and help us grow.

It’s also a technique you can learn and take home to continue using for yourself, as well! The biggest thing being, that we need to practice and actually use it to get the benefits!

Examples of what EFT meridian tapping can work on include:

  • Stress, anxiety, anger and other “unwanted” emotions such as guilt, jealousy, resentment, feelings of defeat…
  • Processing events (past or future); 
  • Negative thought patterns, and issues we’re ruminating on but getting nowhere fast!
  • Self-sabotage (e.g procrastination, perfectionism, eating habits, late nights…)
  • Addictions, cravings and detoxification (on all levels)
  • Self-esteem; body image; weight loss/management; disordered eating patterns e.g. emotional/comfort eating, bingeing/restricting.
  • Fears & phobias e.g. fear of failure/success; phobia of flying or spiders…
  • Increase confidence, personal empowerment, create change, enhance relationships
  • Harmonise conflict between our conscious and subconscious 
  • Boost performance levels and achieve goals
  • And the list goes on…  

So if you’re not sure where to start, just have a little think on what it is that may have been a bit of a thorn in your side? Or, is there anything you may have been trying to overcome, but for whatever reason (despite being an intelligent, clued-in, self-aware and capable person!) have been in struggle-town with? Or perhaps just something “niggling” at you that you’d like to nip in the bud?