Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Meridian Tapping - Part 1:

In this two-part series, Live Well’s Shanna Choudhary (Naturopath and EFT practitioner) will take you through exactly what EFT Meridian tapping is, and how you can use it to overcome stubborn obstacles, de-stress, restore internal balance and more!


What’s the buzz about EFT meridian Tapping?

Ahh, I’m really excited to be sharing this with you, because EFT meridian tapping, which was once (not all that long ago!) a more obscure and much lesser-known healing modality; it has recently started to come to the surface, popping up in the “mainstream”. And it’s exciting because it’s now hitting more and more peoples’ radar, which means that more people are giving it a try and experiencing the multitude of wonderful benefits this modality has to offer!


So, what exactly IS EFT meridian tapping, you might be asking…? 

Well, EFT meridian tapping is a technique that draws upon the ancient (over five thousand years old) and scientifically validated principles of acupuncture and the study and application of kinesiology.  

Using the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridian & energy system/channels throughout the body, we apply "tapping" sequences at various points, which stimulate specific 'acupoints' of the body's meridian/energy system. Just like in Acupuncture, but without the needles.

The other thing that really sets EFT meridian tapping apart (well, at least, in my books!), is that it not only works at the level of tapping into (pun intended!) the meridian points to move and clear stagnant or disrupted Qi (pronounced “chi”); it also takes it a step further, by integrating a cognitive element, which utilises the power of our mind/thoughts and language, to essentially access a greater healing range, that other modalities simply may not.

And it’s by employing these specific sequences and techniques (which can be as simple as using a word that summarises and evokes the energy and power of the issue you wish to work on, for example), that we can experience both the therapeutic effects of working on the meridian acupoints themselves, and also from the addition of the cognitive/emotional element of the process, promoting greater ease and wellbeing on many levels (mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual). 

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, when I’ll explain a little more on how EFT tapping can be applied, what kinds of things you can use it for.

Shanna Choudhary is Live Well’s Womens’ Health, hormones and Natural Fertility Naturopath. Shanna is passionate about offering holistic (mind-body-spirit centred) treatment to her clients, and uses a blend of evidence-based, scientific knowledge; with Traditional wisdom, Eastern/Western & Metaphysical philosophies and approaches. Shanna employs food as medicine and nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, EFT meridian tapping, and lifestyle practises as the core foundations of her approach to restoring wellness.