Part Two - How Naturopathy Can Boost Your Immune System

In Part Two of the How Not to Get Colds and Flu's series Live Well’s Sarah Grossemy explains how a Naturopath can make your immune system stronger and more resilient to colds and flu's.

About Naturopathy 

First some background… Naturopathy focuses on treating your whole being, so symptoms are seen as clues that help us understand your overall health picture. Naturopaths look at stress, wellbeing, diet, specific nutrients, herbs, exercise, water and rest. Our aim is to tap into and catalyse the body’s innate ability to heal itself, restore balance and resolve unwanted symptoms.

Why see a Naturopath

Seeing a Naturopath for a cold or flu will allow your body to be supported with natural remedies that have been around for hundreds of years. Not only does Naturopathy treat the symptoms but the practitioner looks further into your history to figure out why you get sick. If you are run down and are getting sick regularly then it’s important to understand why your immune system is underperforming so that the underlying causes can be addressed.

Doctors can do some great things but treating colds and flu's is not one of them! Conventional medicine’s armoury for colds and flu's is very limited, for example prescribing antibiotics, which are ineffective for viruses and at the same time completely wipe out all of your healthy gut bacteria. In contrast, a naturopath will nourish and improve gut health which contributes to supporting your body’s ability to defend itself.

The Nutritional Aspect

Without adequate nutrition your body cannot make the essential white blood cells to defend your body. A Naturopath can advise on what to eat, what supplements to include and how to make a meal as nutritionally dense as it can be. Proper nutrition is the basis of excellent wellbeing and if you are just interested on what to eat to be as healthy as you can a Naturopath can help with that too.

The Herbal Aspect

Herbs are used to help the body restore balance. There are many herbs that are specifically used for helping the body to combat colds and flus as well as herbs that boost the immune system, support your lymph to flush out toxins and nourish the nervous system to build resilience.

So whether you’re already run down and needing a boost or you just want to maximise your wellbeing so you don’t get sick, naturopathy has something to offer. As a Naturopath, I treat the person as a whole, looking at all aspects of body and mind to support you to be the healthiest you can be.  

If you'd like to come in and see me to find out how we can boost your immune system and get you feeling energised, robust and full of vitality again then please click here to make an appointment.