Conquer Food INTOLERANCEs (yes, I said 'conquer'!)

It can be incredibly frustrating trying to work out exactly what you're eating that's causing you to be bloated, constipated, have a sore tummy, low energy, weight issues or bad skin. Food intolerances are becoming common place and let's face it – the amount of processed foods in our supermarkets do not help.  However, even the best of foods can make us feel unwell when our body is not in balance.

So how do you find out which ingredient(s) is the culprit and what's happening on the inside? And once you've worked out which ingredient, what do you do about it?

My answer to this is simple – ask your body! I am offering a FREE 15 minute kinesiology session to help you start to work out your individual dos and don'ts for food and beverages.  I understand what it's like to be stabbing in the dark when it comes to digestive issues. I've been there.

It's amazing how much you can learn from talking with your body through kinesiology:

  • what you need to cut out – a clear intolerance or allergy
  • what you need to cut down on – low level intolerance
  • what you need to increase – deficiencies can also disrupt your path to wellness
  • what systems and organs are affected – pin point where in your body you need to focus, such as intestines and stomach or hormones and enzymes
  • start to heal the areas of your body that have been damaged by unhealthy lifestyle choices, and 
  • here's the big one – balance your body!

Where there is no allergy, in some cases we can help your body to clear the damage that has been done by eating the wrong things and even clear the intolerance.

Did you know that there is often an emotional or mental connection to food intolerance or addiction? Craving a sweeter life? Needing to boost your mood or lift depression? Anxious or irritable? You gut and brain are intimately connected. Let's talk food and help you create a list so that you can start to feel much, much better. And, if you haven't had kinesiology before – you're in for a treat!

To book in for a free 15 minute kinesiology session with Kate call Live Well on 6295 0400 or click the link to Book Now.