Have you noticed that the men in your life (or that you as an individual if you are a male) tend to ignore the “2 fruit and 5 veg” message that’s been (perhaps rather unsuccessfully) sewn into our daily meal plan?

Researchers at both the University of Western Australia and Monash University may have found a new reason for men to get their daily fix of mother earth’s goodies, with a recent breakthrough suggesting that dietary antioxidants can help maintain male fertility.

Studies recently conducted have found that a combination of antioxidants is the best method for improving health for male reproduction, which neutralises highly reactive molecules known as free radicals.

The free radicals are actually waste-products of the cellular process which fuels the body’s activities. Without proper nourishment from antioxidants, these free radicals actually damage the body’s cells, which slow down the male’s reproductive workers.

Long story short, the study confirmed that those men that walk amongst us who obtain sufficient levels of antioxidents through their diet are much more likely to have successful swimmers than those who turn their nose up at their broccoli, peas and carrots.

So! When your male counterpart (or you, sir) next go for a snack, side-dish, or dessert, bear in mind its fruit and vegie content! Your little swimmers will be in Olympic-gold-medallist condition in no time!