Natural Medicine for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Current statistics indicate that a growing proportion of couples, around one in six, find it difficult to conceive. The reasons for this are complex and varied, but a major factor includes chronic stress and tiredness, from people working harder and longer hours, and other stresses associated with modern living. Nutritional factors also play an important role. To fall pregnant and then sustain the pregnancy, you need to be relaxed!


One client who suffered debilitating anxiety, as she failed to fall pregnant one cycle after the next, was told by her GP “stop trying for three months while we run some tests”. Relieved, she fell pregnant that week.

Physiologically, the hypothalamus in the brain not only plays a role in regulating the endocrine (hormonal) system, it also forms part of our emotional response system. Natural medicine interventions can greatly assist couples to fall pregnant, and then safely support the pregnancy through its stages, from fruition to childbirth.

Areas where natural medicine can assist the fertility/ pregnancy/ childbirth cycle include, but are not limited to:

Infertility (= not yet pregnant ) – addressing causative factors and obstacles, whether:

Physical – for example insomnia, low sperm count, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome or other reproductive issues that interfere with fertility; or

Emotional, Mental – for example stress, anxiety, depression, tension, negative self-beliefs, poor body image.

Miscarriage – especially where there is a pattern of miscarriage and/or a history of miscarriage in the family;

Morning sickness – there a number of safe, effective herbal and homeopathic medicines that can assist when chosen according to the woman’s specific symptoms;

Health maintenance during pregnancy & preparation for labour – there are a number of herbs in particular (e.g. Raspberry Leaf) that can be safely used to enhance the health of the mother and foetus, and optimally prepare both mother and child for labour. Different herbs are indicated at different stages of the pregnancy.

A Story to Share with you

To help illustrate how natural medicine can help I wanted to share a case with you.

A woman who had recently conceived then miscarried fell into an intense, debilitating grief. Those around her did not understand, as it was their perception that it was “just a miscarriage”. To her, it felt like nothing less than the death of a child. She felt she could not conceive again until she resolved her grief, anxiety and depression.

A homeopathic medicine indicated in this particular scenario acted quickly and deeply, to help her to resolve her grief and move on. She fell pregnant within three months without further trouble.

She is now a mother of four young children (and that’s another story …).

Take Care.