What your headache is trying to tell you?

Quite often we can suffer from a headache or migraine and be uncertain as to why. There are many ways to approach the cause and treatment of a headache from working structurally with tension or misalignment within the body to nutritional support and of course, increasing water.

One of the most fascinating ways to understand what your body is trying to tell you with pain from a headache is through the energy system of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the symptoms we feel when energy gets stuck or stagnant. Your meridian energy (and Chakra energy) should flow freely like the electrical system in your house. Once there is a block then electricity can’t flow through and the lights go out or the washing machine stops working.

One of the major themes for stuck energy with headaches is emotional stress or blockages. Often when we feel a headache come on we question if we’ve had enough water that day or had too much coffee, alcohol, gluten or sugar and while these things can certainly play a role in causing headaches, we often fail to reflect on how we are feeling emotionally.

While there are several emotional patterns that can be underneath the pain of a headache, some of the most common emotions stuck in the body are anger, resentment and frustration. While these emotions can be uncomfortable and sometimes difficult to release in ways that are not harmful, like each emotion they have a place in our lives. To give an example of how this awareness can be applied to daily life, I will use myself as a case study!

A few years ago, I was battling with an issue with another person close to me and felt both angry and resentful. I had not voiced how I really felt. One morning I woke with quite a painful, splitting headache. My instinct told me that it was to do with the issue I was trying to ignore and the emotions I was suppressing. I eventually faced the situation and voiced how I felt with an honest discussion. As I spoke and worked through my feelings, my headache completely subsided. I was no longer suppressing my emotions and was validating how I felt . Apart from physically healing, I was able to resolve the situation and move forward. I released that which I was holding on to and once again created movement and flow internally and externally in my life.

It is important to listen to the messages from your body for wherever there is pain, there is an associated emotional and mental pattern. Likewise, your emotions and thoughts can get stored in your body and create dis-ease. The lesson here? Your emotional self needs to be accepted and understood. By expressing your emotions, you are validating and honouring your unique experience in life. Lastly - If you have trouble releasing anger, resentment or frustration, try exercise! To help discover what your body is trying to tell you and to release pain, book in for kinesiology with Kate.