Sleep Easy

Without consistent, quality sleep you can easily find yourself feeling run down and trapped in a world of exhaustion and pain.

Sleeping pills can provide a temporary fix but have unwanted side effects, are addictive and often result in a downward spiral of increasing dosage with diminishing results.

Thankfully, there are natural solutions to sleep problems. In my experience natural treatments are highly effective and don't just mask the symptom but reestablish deep restorative sleep. One of the most helpful tools I have come across to treat insomnia is herbal medicine.

Herbs have the ability to switch off your busy mind and usher your nervous system into a state of deep relaxation. The key with herbs is to take the right ones. Sounds obvious doesn't it? However to a herbalist there are lots of different types of insomnia and each is treated with a different approach. That’s why the mass produced natural sleep remedies sold at supermarkets will often be ineffective. In my opinion, you’re better off seeking professional advice from someone who can give you a personalised formula that’s just right for you.

Some of my favourite herbs for insomnia include:

Hops: a key ingredient of beer, hops is especially good when a person can’t get to sleep because they are worrying about something in the future, e.g. what’s happening at work tomorrow. Hops suits people with a shy and quiet temperament.

Passionflower: is a specific remedy for circular thinking where the same thoughts are going around and around in your head and your can’t switch them off.

Skullcap: Is a remedy for insomnia and associated nightmares, its helpful for highly charged people who are always ‘up’.

Camomile: one of the classic insomnia remedies but especially for people who need and love to go over the events of the day again and again either in conversation or in their heads.

For more information about how natural therapies can help with sleep download our free e-book ‘How I Found Success Through Rest’ by Live Well Kinesiologist Kate Pamphilon

Wes Smith is Live Well's Director and has 20 years experience as a practitioner and wellness educator. He has a special interest in working with chronic immune issues, stressanxiety and depression
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