Learning Intuition For Guidance

When it comes to guidance in your life and making decisions, who do you turn to? 

Let’s get straight to the point — being guided by your intuition will not only help you live a life that is full, it will develop a strong trust in yourself. You become self-sufficient, confident and centered, no matter what comes your way. 

One of the most common places people to turn for help are family and friends. Having a network of people in your life who you can talk through options, feelings and fears with is immensely beneficial. Especially if, said family and friends are good at reflective listening over telling you what to do! This is the main point of contention for external advice, no one knows what is right for you except YOU. 

So how do you access inner guidance, especially if you’re stressed, worried or unsure? 

It’s about about your internal dialogue

Internal dialogue is the way you speak to yourself on a daily basis. When it comes to guidance in life, for the small things and the big, your internal dialogue is your biggest asset. That’s right, I’m saying that your inner voice is more important than the voice of others. 

However, there are two types of internal dialogue and the KEY to guiding yourself is knowing the difference between when you’re being spoken to by your mind and emotions, and when your intuition is speaking. 

‘Intuition’, ‘gut feeling’, ‘heart’ or ‘instincts’ - it’s all the same!

What ever word you use to describe ‘intuition’, they all mean the same thing. 

The use of the term ‘gut feeling’ leads me to key skills you can practice to gain a stronger connection with your intuition. Until you have a great relationship with your intuition and it becomes a natural part of your internal dialogue, there are a couple of things you can do to strengthen your intuitive abilities.

What do your inner voices sound like?

Start by recognising the sound of the mind compared to that of your intuition

The sound of your mind

The mind will often say a lot. It can be: loud, go round in circles and is often based in emotion such as worry, fear, doubt or even anger and stubbornness. The mind is often trying to keep you safe and protected in the ‘familiar zone’ of life. Regardless of whether this zone is a happy place, the mind works from what it’s learnt and remembered, both consciously and subconsciously from the story of your life. 

Being conscious of this and asking yourself “What’s happened in the past that’s triggering my mind and emotions to think and feel this way?” helps you to remove yourself from the story and be an observer. From this, you have the opportunity to see if the thoughts and emotions of the mind are relevant today or simply the past being brought into the present. 

The sound of your intuition

Your intuition is a gentle, soothing voice. For me, and many others will a powerful connection to intuition, the words come one by one or just a few at a time. As you connect deeper, the more it flows. Intuition can come to you not just by words but by colour, pictures, symbols and deep feelings. You’ll know the interpretation, because it will be clear as day. It’s funny how we often see things as complex or unclear, yet the heart will show you otherwise. 

How does your body feel?

To practice the second part of connecting to your intuition, you need to use your body. Firstly, sit still and bring yourself back into the present moment and back into your body. This will make it much easier to hear your intuitive voice by being grounded. Take your time by breathing slowly in and out of your nose, and gently into your belly. (Once you get really good at this, you can drop down into your heart at any give moment.) This calms the five senses so you can sense with your heart. 

The voice of your mind is often accompanied by phrases such as “I think this is what I want to do?” and a feeling in your body of unsurity. You might feel unsettled, restless or agitated. It feels uncomfortable. 

On the flip side, your intuitive voice is accompanied by a sense of “I know this is what I want to do”. While the choice may bring about questions or feelings, underneath it all lies a sense of deep knowing down in your gut — your ‘gut feeling’. Your body is at peace with the choice. If you have a decision to make, sit with each option and feel deep within yourself. How does your gut react?

Your intuition may not always guide you to the easy option, or the one that has all the components sorted. It may be confronting to know what you heart says. But know this — your intuition will always guide you to your truth, your love and your wisdom. And it’s then that you can use your wisdom mind and your inner resources to work out the details!  

Watch this space as this is the topic for my next blog! 

Kate's passion is to educate and empower each client to understand their mind, body, and Spirit and how these aspects are all connected. Her integrative approach to health and healing is to explore and treat the whole person. Kate is the creator of Holistic by Nature and is also on the expert panel of I Quit Sugar.
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