Are You Getting the Massage?

End of Year Essentials

With the end of 2017 now in sight are you racing to the finish or limping across the line? At busy and stressful times like the end of the year can be for many, it’s important to remind yourself that self care is an essential requirement, not an indulgence.


Ease the squeeze

Typically, the busier we are the more likely it is that self-care gets squeezed out of the schedule when actually the opposite is what’s called for. The more stressed you are the more it feels like you can’t make time for your gym class, morning meditation or cup of tea on the balcony, the more tenacious you need to be about protecting your ‘me time’.

There’s a saying about meditation, which applies to any kind of self care, that for most people 20 minutes a day is a good time to aim for, except of course if your are really busy and pressed for time, in which case you need to do 30 minutes twice a day!

Lock it in

When I’m working with a client at Live Well who is particularly affected by stress, we will always explore how they can tweak their lifestyle to better support the treatment goals. Left to their own devices, when push comes to shove I know my really stressed clients will probably forget about self-care. So one trick I find works well is to make sure whatever we settle on as a self care task is not some vague idea but is something that gets booked and scheduled.

For example, it could be a series of pampering and deeply relaxing massages, if you’ve booked the appointments or even better pre-paid there’s no way you’re going to miss them. The same goes for a term of Yoga classes or even a weekend away at the coast. Book it, pay a deposit and you’re much less likely to not turn up.

Guilt free zone

When we look ahead to 2018 one wellness trend I’d like to see emerge is the reclaiming of self-care as a conscious and healthy choice. It is the ‘first put your own oxygen mask on’ of the wellness world as the better your look after yourself the better you’re able to support and look after those around you.