Plugging the Gaps: Healing a leaky gut

Last week we explored what leaky gut is, the symptoms it causes and how it’s diagnosed. The good news is that naturopathic approaches for treating leaky gut are very safe and effective.

In part two of this article I’m going to share some of the naturopathic treatment approaches that I use to heal the permeability of the gut lining, switch off the inflammatory response of the immune system and restore your digestive system’s ability to absorb nutrients from food.

A positive test, what next?



Glutamine – One of my favourite and most prescribed supplements for leaky gut, glutamine is an amino acid involved in rebuilding and repairing damage to the mucosal lining. It also provides protection from further damage, modulates immune function and decreases inflammation

Zinc – Maintains intestinal wall integrity, supports immune function and protects the mucosal lining

Probiotics – Support and restore a healthy microbiota. Having a healthy amount of good bacteria will massively contribute to a robust immune system and decrease inflammation. There are particular strains of bacteria that I will use in the treatment of leaky gut so it is important to seek advice on the right probiotic supplement for you.

Boswellia – Boswellia is one of my favourite herbs when treating leaky gut because it is great at reducing systemic inflammation. I have found that glutamine and boswellia work synergistically and both support the healing and sealing process

Turmeric – The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric are well known, but it can also tighten the spaces in the bowel lining reducing that permeability.


Bone broth – provides important amino acids and minerals that can help heal leaky gut and improve mineral deficiencies. Digesting broths and soups is easy on the body and doesn’t take much effort to breakdown

Fermented foods – coconut kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut or kimchi. These fermented foods contain beneficial bacteria that will provide protection against invading pathogens

Steamed vegetables – non-starchy vegetables that are cooked or steamed are easy to digest and nutrient-rich

Healthy fats – consuming healthy fats in moderation like egg yolks, salmon, avocados and coconut oil are easy on the gut and promote healing

Fruit – Consuming 1-2 servings of fruit in its whole state daily provides an excellent source of fibre, which helps to feed the good bacteria in the gut. Steer clear of fruit juices, they have very little fibre and a high amount of sugar

Aloe Vera juice – Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and can help heal the digestive system. It’s a great addition to green smoothies too

Gluten-free grains – these can help alleviate digestive strain, especially for those that are gluten intolerant: Quinoa, millet, buckwheat, brown rice and amaranth

Putting it all together.

Every case of leaky gut is different. One of the things I love about my work as a naturopath is being able to tailor a treatment protocol to your individual needs to maximise healing and a speedy return to radiant wellbeing.

If you suspect leaky gut might be an issues for you come in and see me and we’ll do some testing and get your digestion and your wellbeing back on track.



Carla's interest in natural health began at a young age, sourcing remedies from the backyard and kitchen where possible. After living in China and Papua New Guinea, where she got to experience alternative health practices, Carla’s interest in natural medicine developed into a passion.

Carla’s main areas of interest include digestive disorders, immune dysfunction, and female health issues. Her aim is to educate her clients so they can take pro-active steps to take control of their health.

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