Did You Know You’re Driving A Rolls Royce

Health is the one thing that really underpins the quality of our life. We can have everything else covered: great relationships, financial security, a place to live and food on the table but if your health comes unstuck there are no amount of creature comforts that can mitigate the suffering of chronic pain, depression or any other significant health crisis.  


In light of that it’s surprising how often we pay little regard to our wellbeing. We often take better care of our motor vehicles by way of regular services than we do of our body and mind. When you think about it, when was the last time a warning light came up on your car’s dashboard and you just kept driving around for months before you called the mechanic? Probably never right. On the other hand, how may times have you ignored your body’s warning signs, otherwise called ‘symptoms’ such as headaches, constant tiredness, aches and pains, digestive discomfort, insomnia, skin breakouts and so on and just tried to put up with them.

What’s potentially even more problematic is when you can no longer put up with uncomfortable symptoms it’s tempting to mask the symptoms, for example taking pain killers for regular headaches. Whilst I’m not suggesting you should be stoically suffering or never seek pharmaceutical help, what I would ask you to consider is that taking a medication to mask a symptom is like cutting the wire to the warning light on your dashboard. You don’t have the symptom alerting you to the problem and that’s a relief, but neither has the underlying reason for the symptom been addressed. How comfortable would you be continuing to drive your car around knowing there was an unresolved issue that was probably getting worse?

A holistic approach to resolving symptoms is to find the cause of the symptom, which typically involves figuring out which body system needs support. Once you know what’s driving the symptom it’s often quite straightforward to restore the body system in question to balance.

So maybe it would help to think of your body as a Rolls Royce (or Maserati or whatever takes your fancy) and before you ignore that warning light on the dash for one more day, book yourself in for a service with a trusted health professional.