Small Steps Become a Giant Leap


I think it’s fair to say that most people have a rough idea of what they could do to feel better the hard part is actually taking the necessary steps required. For anyone not battling a serious illness but nevertheless suffering from symptoms of general malaise such as feeling tired, having aches and pains, skin blemishes, uncomfortable digestion, headaches, poor quality sleep, feeling irritable and so on, better health is only a series of small steps away. The three pillars of better wellbeing are:

1.     NOURISH

You heard it here first, better quality food creates better wellbeing! No seriously we all know that the more rubbish we eat: sugary snacks, fast food, alcohol, the more burden we place on our body’s organs of elimination. Clean up your diet and your body will love you back. The best part about upgrading the quality of your diet is that you get to eat amazingly well. Plus there has never been as many resources available like blogs, books and podcasts to inspire, inform and support you to eat better.

Tip to start small: rather than focus on what you’re not going to have start by putting more nourishing foods on your plate plus pick just one thing you’re going to give up or reduce i.e. have one coffee a day not two. 


2.     MOVE

Apparently, our bodies we’re not designed to be driven to work, sat in front of a computer all day, driven home again and sat in front of the TV all night – who knew!

Tip to start small: find something you enjoy doing and schedule it into your day so you move without having to think about it. The key is upgrading from your starting point whether that means taking the stairs not the lift or upgrading from one to three workouts a week


3.     REFRESH

Becoming mentally and emotionally decluttered is a pre-requisite of good wellbeing. What works for each person is different, so I suggest finding something which you love doing that absorbs your whole attention. When you find that sweet spot your worries and concerns will fade into the background at least for a while.

Tip to start small: revisit something that you used to love and start doing it again. Examples might include rock climbing, knitting, gardening, motorbike riding, martial arts, Yoga, sewing, painting, singing, playing an instrument or meditation.



The best part is that you only need to elevate one aspect of your wellbeing, such as upgrading the quality of your movement and you’ll start to build momentum. As you start feeling better you will have the energy to expand your action into the other pillars of wellbeing like nutrition or mindset and little by little you’ll find yourself looking, feeling and living better.