Are the foods you’re eating making you sick?

Have you ever noticed you feel bloated, heavy, tired or irritable after eating? If you have then there is a very good chance your body is reacting badly to some of the foods you are eating. 

Whilst it might seem obvious that if you suffer from digestive complaints like irritable bowel syndrome, re-flux, constipation or diarrhoea that food allergy or intolerance may be involved, these symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg.

Food intolerances are also often responsible for:
•    headaches;
•    tiredness;
•    skin rashes;
•    aches and pains;
•    stiff joints;
•    insomnia;
•    poor memory and concentration;
•    anxiety; and
•    depression, just to name a few.

If you have suspicions that food intolerance is contributing to less than optimal health then it’s a good idea to get them checked out. 

To help solve the mystery of whether you have food intolerances and which foods are the culprits, our kinesiology practitioner is offering 15 minute food intolerance consultations for just $30. Kinesiology works by getting feedback direct from the source: your body and it is the fastest, most accurate way I know to test for food intolerance.


Allergy or intolerance?

Allergies are typically more sudden and severe, think of the anaphylactic response many children have to peanuts. Intolerances on the other hand are slower to appear and can be more difficult to pin point.

Allergies and intolerances are caused by the immune system flagging something you ingest as threatening to the body’s equilibrium. It’s important to understand that the immune system has to make thousands of decisions a day and it is not always at the top of it’s game, with stress being the main reason it will falter.  

Of course it’s not always the immune system’s fault. Too often the foods we eat are highly processed which means the immune system is being asked more complex questions compared to if we were to eat food in its more unrefined and natural state. So much of the benefit of eating whole food based diet is that your body and in particular your immune system and digestion find so much easier to process real food.

The most common allergies we come across at Live Well are to wheat (and other sources of gluten) and to dairy products. The way to treat allergies is to remove the offending foods for a period of 1 to 3 months and at the same time tackle the underlying drivers of intolerance, usually stress. 

Given time, digestive organs that have been irritated and inflamed by the continual presence of a food that you have been intolerant to can recover and regain their resilience. 

After a period of abstinence there many be some foods that you can reintroduce without any side effects and there may be others that even a small amount of will trigger symptoms. You body will soon tell you just as long as you’re listening.

So don’t suffer any longer, book a 15 minute food intolerance consultations for just $30. These session will fill up fast so don’t miss out!

Is The Food You Eat Making You Sick?

What do tiredness, headaches, skin problems, joint pain, chronic sinus, uncomfortable digestion and attention deficit problems in children have in common?

They are all conditions that indicate you may have a food sensitivity causing you to feel terrible.

Allergies suppress the immune system

Food sensitivities or allergies can exacerbate any health condition because when you are reacting to the foods you eat every day, your immune system has one hand tied behind its back just dealing with the food you are ingesting. That leaves little energy for doing it’s other essential tasks like fighting viruses and bacteria and cleaning up cells that are passed their used by date.

The foods you are allergic to are toxic

Think of it like this, when you are intolerant to a food, essentially that food becomes toxic to the body. So rather than what you are eating being nourishing and helping the cells of your body to thrive, those foods are actually poisoning you! Is it any wonder that wonder that you might be feeling tired and out of sorts?!!

New tests available to identify the culprits!

What can be done…. Lots, thankfully. Helping people understand food and nutrition is one of naturopath Sue Langford’s passions. If you are suffering from any of the aliments listed Sue will be able to work with you to restore your health. Thanks to Sue’s arrival at Live Well we now have access to a range of new testing procedures such as food allergy testing (an accurate and scientific methodology using Ig G antibody testing) which can help you solve what is often a confusing riddle of what foods to avoid.

Remove the foods that are toxic to you, restore vitality to the organ systems that have been suppressed through herbs and supplements and you are on the path to excellent health and vitality.

To find out more about naturopathy and how it can help please click here.