When Green Tea Met It’s Matcha

Superfoods are like the boy bands of the wellness industry, after their 5 minutes of fame they are shuffled off to obscurity as soon as the next big thing arrives. 

It wasn't long ago that spinach was crowned a superfood only for kale to come along steal it’s glory. Come 2016 and, I’m not making this up, kalettes (a hybrid kale and brussel sprout fusion) is poised to wrest leafy green supremacy. 

So spare a thought for humble green tea, in it’s halcyon days it was hailed for its low caffeine and high flavonoids and catechins. Then matcha tea came along boasting 137 times higher antioxidant levels and suddenly it was the tea being invited to New York fashion week. I say this as a friend green tea, it’s time to move on before you become the nutritional equivalent of the Backstreet Boys. 

To its credit, matcha does have an intriguing backstory. It’s comes from the same humble Camellia sinensis bush as green (and black) tea but matcha has lead a more rarefied life. First it was grown under shade to protect it’s delicate flavour and texture, then hand picked whist still young and packed with nutrient vigour and then delicately steamed, stemmed and stone ground into a fine powder ready for you and me to enjoy. 

The thing that strikes you about matcha is its intensely vibrant green colour which is a clue to all those ‘show offy’ nutrients. Traditionally a teaspoon of the powder is whisked with a bamboo brush into half a cup of not quite boiled water until a foam is created. This health promoting elixir is said to aid weight loss, improve concentration, reduce stress, detoxify your liver and boost your energy levels. Remarkably it also tastes pretty good.

So, by all means, keep drinking green tea just be sure to do it in your Led Zeppelin t-shirt and Ray Ban aviators to complete the retro ensemble. However, if you want to capture the 2016 wellness zeitgeist then don’t be seen with anything but a bowl of foaming matcha. 

Words by Wes Smith

Wes Smith is Live Well's Director and has 20 years experience as a practitioner and wellness educator. He has a special interest in working with chronic immune issues, stressanxiety and depression
Wes is passionate about inspiring and educating people to create and sustain their vitality and wellbeing so they can live life to the full.
Wes also enjoys teaching meditation and is the creator of meditatewithwes.com an online resource for learning how to meditate. es has a B.App.Sc.(Acup), Diploma of Herbal Medicine, a Yoga Teaching Diploma and is an APHRA registered acupuncturist. Learn more about acupunctureherbal medicine and meditation.

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