SOAR - align, be brave, be boundless
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SOAR - align, be brave, be boundless

A night of powerful and dynamic speakers, each of whom have taken the leap to align their reality with their passions; their soul work. Come along and hear real stories to inspire and influence change in your heart. Here’s a little about our guest speakers:

Abby Rees is PunkPDs Director, a self-confessed ‘education junkie’, University Lecturer, Education and Empowerment Writer, Behaviour and Change Specialist, Executive Meta-Coach and artistic thinker. Energy, Excellence and Tenacity are not mere words on PunkPD's banner, they capture Abby's drive and personality!

Thriving on new challenges to design for education and change, Abby leads with a level of energy that earned her the nickname '240' (240 Volt) in 2008 from her former colleagues. With the tenacity of a Rottweiler, Abby lives and breathes her design projects, providing her clients with a commitment to excellence that is unparalleled.

Anthea Cahill - aka the chai girl has been living her dream, selling chai to other chai lovers for the last 9 years. But before that she was stuck. Maybe you can relate? Do you ever feel like your selling your soul? Like you just KNOW there should be more to life but your not quite sure what or how? That’s exactly how Anthea used to feel. Until one day in a tiny teahouse in the Czech Republic she stumbled upon chai and her life as she knew it changed for ever.

Samantha Nolan-Smith supports women to become more visible in their careers and in their lives. Samantha will speak about the intersection between taking radical responsibility for your life and being real about the systemic inequalities that exist in our society. She’ll discuss overcoming the internalised patriarchy that keeps us from being seen and heard in the world. She’ll talk about what visibility blocks are and how they show up for women. Plus Samantha will share some easy to use techniques for clearing out any visibility blocks you might come up against in your own life.

For the last session of the evening we’ll be hosting a panel session where our SOUL founders will join our guests for a Q&A session - bring your questions along!

And as always, we’ll be fundraising for local charities. For all animal lovers, $5 from every ticket sale will be donated to Little Oak Sanctuary (Braidwood), a not-for-profit association that offers sanctuary to animals in need while promoting compassion for all animals through education and cruelty-free living. 

And finally, we’ve decided to honour the life of Connie from Love Your Sister by running a raffle with incredible prizes to be won! All proceeds from the raffle will be donated directly to LYS. Prizes have been generously donated by our sponsors: Birdsnest, Brookfarm and Real Chai. Bring your coins along!!

Tickets are only $40 which includes: 

  • a glass pf bubbly
  • scrumptious food in the heated courtyard starting from 7pm
  • generous gift bags 
  • a raffle with amazing prizes you don’t want to miss out on! 

We can't wait to see you there! 





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Align & Shine
to Nov 21

Align & Shine

  • Live Well Spa and Wellness Centre (map)
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A seven week chakra course with Kate Pamphilon

Would you like to understand yourself better? Would you like to be more aware of your own thoughts, emotions, habits and behaviours? Would you like to create the vision you have for your life rather than feel like life just happens to you?

Your body, emotions and thoughts are all connected. Discerning what’s happening within these elements is fundamental to health and wellness, success and fulfilment. What’s your body trying to tell you when you feel pain or discomfort? What particular emotions and thoughts are beneath this discomfort? What can you do to release this? For example, if you hold tension or feel pain between your shoulder blades — what frustration, resentment or anger are you holding onto? This is the profound practice of mind-body medicine.

Spring is here and with it comes the energy of growth. While Winter was a time to slow down, hibernate and reflect, Spring is the time to decide what it is you’d like to grow in your life. Getting the most out of life requires you to align your intention with your energy. One of the most powerful mind-body medicine tools for growth is the ancient system of energy called ‘the chakras’.  

Chakra Energy

In everyday life, you’re constantly receiving feedback from your body, mind, emotions and environment. Flowing at the very core of this human experience is your energy system that connects all of these aspects together. Quantum physics has shown us that we’re electromagnetic beings; literally spinning particles of light. Similarly, chakras are described as spinning wheels of light energy flowing within and around the body.

By understanding how the chakra energy system functions within you, you’ll have the wisdom to understand what’s happening in your life and the different messages you’re receiving, the tools to create change where needed and the skills to enhance your strengths.

What You’ll Learn

Our kinesiologist and complementary medicine practitioner, Kate Pamphilon is running a seven week course: ‘Align & shine’. Each week, Kate will guide you through one of the seven major chakras as you explore the different elements of mind, body and soul. Each week you’ll learn about a major chakra and its relationship to:

  • physical tendencies: your anatomy and physiology
  • common emotions and thought patterns
  • concepts associated with the soul and meaning in life
  • exploring eras of your life, seven years at a time
  • practical (and fun!) tools and techniques for healing, clearing and enhancing your energy system. 

Align & Shine will teach you conscious living — choosing to longer be a passenger to your life but to be in the driver’s seat. It’s about being able to say: “I know who I am and I know what I want. I choose to take life with both hands and embrace it”. It’s time to stop living unconsciously by allowing your old, unconscious behaviours to run the show. Every choice has a consequence; even not choosing has a consequence. Rather than throwing your hands up in the air with frustration, bring your awareness to your internal workings. In doing so, you’ll learn so much about yourself and it will begin to make sense. As you awaken to yourself, you’ll know your next steps. And most of all, you’ll have clarity, guidance and self-love. What more could you want?

By the end of the seven weeks you will:

  • have created your own manual for the chakras to use at home
  • know how to listen to your own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual messages
  • be armed with a tool kit life
  • understand the fundamental knowledge of mind-body medicine through the chakras
  • be in inspired to make choices and change in your life necessary for making the most out of life.

A message from Kate

“One of the most fascinating aspects of my work which underpins my love for complementary medicine and inspires me to learn more every day is the profound links between the body > emotions >  mind > soul > energy. I get so much joy and reward from facilitating the process for each client to understand their own patterns and what to do about them. If you’ve worked with me, you’ll know what I’m talking about — you walk away seeing your challenges, knowing your strengths and learning the resources to shine. I’ve personally been through the chakra process and it’s insightful, fun and extremely useful in everyday life. I can’t wait to guide you through it and show you some powerful techniques. Kate x”

Course details

When: Each Tuesday, beginning 10th October for seven weeks
Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm
Where: Live Well Spa & Wellness Centre, 35 Murray Crescent, Manuka
Cost: $210 for 7 weeks (50% deposit required to reserve your place or pay in full
Tickets: Purchase online, in person or on the phone via Live Well on 6295 0400

Secure your place with a 50% deposit, limited seats so get in early!

Align & Shine - 50% deposit
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Align & Shine - full payment
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For enquiries, please email:

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MICBT: Re-Train The Way You Think, React & Feel
to Aug 1

MICBT: Re-Train The Way You Think, React & Feel

  • Live Well Spa and Wellness Centre (map)
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Come along every Tuesday night at 7.30 p.m for one hour per week for 8 weeks and be a person armed with de-stressing skills that will assist everyone from new mums, uni students to Senior Executives. 

It will be an evening of experiential learning with our integrative GP,  Orla in a very relaxed and warm atmosphere. 

Your commitment is 8 weeks and just 10 minutes practice every day. Once you have completed this course you will be on a path to a stressless day ….every day; you will have improved self awareness; be more self confident and happier!

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Overcome Anxiety & Depression Seminar with Integrative Gp, Dr Orla Teahan
7:30 PM19:30

Overcome Anxiety & Depression Seminar with Integrative Gp, Dr Orla Teahan

If you are experiencing frequent episodes of anxiety or depression you are not alone. Around 1 in 7 Australians have a diagnosed anxiety condition and more than 1 in 10 are taking anti-depressants.

In this seminar Integrative GP, Dr Orla Teahan will share her knowledge of evidence based and holistic approaches to overcoming anxiety and depression including: 
  • When and how to transition safely off medication
  • The key strategies to rebuilding your resilience and wellness
  • Hormones, blood sugar, gut health and mood
  • Essential nutrients to support your mental health
  • Mindfulness and meditation
There will be time for discussion and your questions are very welcome.
  • Date: Thursday 6th April
  • Time: 7.30 to 9.00pm
  • Venue: East Hotel, 69 Canberra Ave, Kingston (Parking off Oxley St)
  • Cost: $27.50 + bring a friend for an extra $5.50

Bookings essential. To reserve your seats please call Live Well now on 62950400 or purchase tickets below.

orla portrait 1-2.jpg

Don't miss this opportunity to join our Integrative GP, Dr Orla Teahan as she shares the insights and strategies that have helped hundreds of people to resolve anxiety and depression and restore their quality of life. Hosted by Live Well Director Wes Smith.

Overcome Anxiety & Depression Seminar
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Yoga Boot Camp with Ramone Bisset
to Jun 28

Yoga Boot Camp with Ramone Bisset

Don't be intimidated by the name - The Yoga Boot Camp is a weekend designed to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and back at your best!

Have you ever thought about going on a yoga retreat but not really sure what goes on? There are so many benefits gained from attending a yoga retreat. Here's Live Well's resident yoga instructor Ramone Bisset's top 5 reasons to take the leap into your first yoga retreat!

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