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Yoga Boot Camp with Ramone Bisset

Don't be intimidated by the name - The Yoga Boot Camp is a weekend designed to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and back at your best!

Have you ever thought about going on a yoga retreat but not really sure what goes on? There are so many benefits gained from attending a yoga retreat. Here's Live Well's resident yoga instructor Ramone Bisset's top 5 reasons to take the leap into your first yoga retreat!

1) Food!
It's amazing what having three healthy, delicious, nutritious meals cooked for you each day can do for your soul! You can relax in the knowledge that every meal and snack you eat will be healthy for your body and nourishing for your soul! If you're looking for an opportunity to re-boot your diet to a healthier eating regime the Yoga Boot Camp is the ideal place to begin! 

2) Self Care
It's hard, we all spend too much time looking after everything else but ourselves. Too often you're too busy, too tired, too everything (insert excuse!) and there's nothing left in the tank for you.  When you take time away from your daily responsibilities to do something that's completely for you, wonderful things happen. It only takes one weekend where everything is taken care of - leaving you nothing at all to worry about - to fully unwind and get back to yourself. This re-set gives you the chance to reconnect to what's really important so you head home able to make decisions and choices that are empowering and support your personal goals and growth. 

3) Fun!
It's incredible how uplifting surrounding yourself with like-minded can be! Yoga Boot Camp is an awesome chance to open yourself up to meeting new people with similar goals, dreams and interests to you. The connections made over a weekend of chats, laughs and challenges are often the basis of long term friendships and creative connections. Great ideas are born on retreat! Not only is the Yoga Boot Camp is a great way to connect with other awesome people, most importantly it's an opportunity to reconnect with your deepest and best self - your true nature. At the heart of your true nature is joy, and the Yoga Boot Camp is deigned to get you back in touch with what it is in your life that brings you the most joy so you return home with a toolkit for bring joy to your life every day when you return home.

4) Nature
The Yoga Boot Camp is tucked away in the gorgeous Kangaroo Valley, NSW. Immersing yourself in nature is one of the best ways to refresh and rejuvenate yourself. With a balance of structured activities and free time, there will be plenty of opportunities to walk, swim, meditate or relax in the safe and serene surrounds of the retreat. The feelings of contentment and harmony you'll gain from reconnecting with nature will stay with you long after you return home! 

5) Yoga 
This is what's it's really all about isn't it? Well yes, and no. Yoga is commonly misperceived as something you need to be flexible to do, or something that you do to become more flexible. A flexible body isn't a pre requisite for yoga but a flexible mind is often an outcome! Yoga is an excellent way to nurture your relationship with yourself, and live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Yoga helps you learn more about yourself and become a better person by encouraging your most honest and authentic nature to shine through. A good yoga practice is like polishing your soul! 

Yoga Boot Camp classes will be a combination of powerful and restorative sessions that will leave you feeling stronger, more open, relaxed and refreshed. No matter what your level of experience you'll explore your limits and learn something new. Meditation is an important part of a holistic yoga practice and the weekend of guided instruction and practice will set you up with a strong foundation for creating your own self practice when you head home! 

The Yoga Boot Camp is on from 26-28 June.

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