free postural assessment

Are you experiencing headaches, neck or back pain?
Is this because of your poor posture?

Repetitive use of computers, mobile phones, TV and game consoles combined with poor ergonomics can lead to poor posture causing headaches, neck and back pain. Discover how to bring your body back to its natural alignment with a free 15 minute postural assessment consultation.

Don’t miss out! Book your free postural assessment consultation with Osteopath Dr Matthew Stott now on 6295 0400.

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Matt is passionate about restoring movement and function to help people achieve their optimal health. Through effective assessment, diagnosis and treatment, Matt is able to guide an individual to a better understanding of their body and provide symptomatic relief. He uses a range of techniques including manipulation, cranial, massage, dry needling and stretching, as well as patient education and exercise prescription, also including nutritional medicine. He has a keen interest in treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions and has experience treating auto-immune diseases. Matt’s Masters research involved the benefits of Osteopathic Medicine for those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis; a case study.

Matt graduated with Masters of Osteopathic Medicine from Southern Cross University after completing a Bachelor of Clinical Science majoring in Human structure and function & Osteopathic studies. In addition to Osteopathy, Matt is an experienced remedial massage therapist, Qi Gong practitioner and has over 20 years experience in the healing arts focusing on Aura healing and taught his first Reiki class 18 years ago. Matt also taught anatomy at Southern Cross University and currently teaches anatomy and massage in the Australian College of Eastern Medicine.