Seitai BOdywork 

Seitai is a Japanese word that translates as ‘properly ordered body”, in other words, it puts you back in balance. 


Seitai Bodywork by Satomi

Seitai treats ongoing and acute pain by restoring alignment to your posture through joint mobilisation, stretching and targeted muscle release. 

The cause of your pain is not always where you think!

Neck and shoulder pain is usually caused by tight chest muscles, therefore just working on the shoulders and neck will give you temporary relief but the pain and tension will come back. Similarly lower back pain is usually caused by an imbalance in the alignment of the pelvis. Treating the cause means longer lasting relief from pain. 
Restore balance to your body and mind
With Seitai bodywork, treatment focuses on releasing deep postural tension to bring your body back into balance. When your posture is rebalanced, pain is resolved and your brain and nervous system are restored to a harmonious state. 

Treat the cause

If you have ongoing pain and if you want to treat the cause of the pain rather than get just temporary relief then Seitai bodywork is a wonderful treatment that we can highly recommend. 

More on Seitai

  • Time is spent in a thorough assessment of your posture
  • You wear loose comfortable clothing
  • No oil is used 
  • Treatment is focused on the core areas that need attention
  • It’s great for sports injury and to prevent re-injury

About Satomi


Satomi is one of Live Well’s most experienced (not to mention loved!) therapists. Not content with remedial massage’s ability to sometimes offer only short term pain relief in difficult cases, she has undertaken extensive further training to be able to offer Seitai bodywork. Satomi is passionate about helping people resolve the cause of their pain enabling them to reclaim their quality of life.