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If you are experiencing frequent episodes of anxiety you are not alone, around 1 in 7 Australians have a diagnosed anxiety condition. 

Natural solutions

Many people don’t realise that anxiety like any other symptom is a clear sign that your mind-body system is out of balance. Often, very simple changes, such as making sure you're accessing the right nutrients in your diet, can go a long way towards resolving symptoms of anxiety. 

Break out of the cycle of overwhelm and anxiety

If you're experiencing anxiety, your nervous system is regularly experiencing states of overwhelm. The good news is, if given the right support and the right tools, your nervous system is very good at finding its balance again and once that happens, symptoms of anxiety drop away.  

Beyond a symptomatic approach

Because natural medicine works to restore your balance, not only can it relieve the symptoms of anxiety, a holistic approach can free you from needing to rely on medication or ongoing treatment and restore your freedom and confidence.

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At Live Well we have a range of treatment options that can be used in combination or as stand alone treatments to resolve anxiety including:  


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