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Sleep is the way your body recharges.

Without consistent, quality, uninterrupted sleep you can easily find yourself trapped in a spiral of exhaustion, stress and illness.

Insomnia isn’t a trivial issue – left untreated it can have serious consequences leaving you at greater risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, depression and weight gain to name just a few. Sobering stuff!

Better sleep without side effects

In desperation many turn to sleeping pills. If you've been down that path, you'll know they can provide a temporary fix but the side effects are awful and your body builds up an addiction and a tolerance to them alarmingly quickly. Relying on sleeping pills can typically become a downward spiral of increasing dosage with diminishing results. 

Natural approaches to treating insomnia are individually focused on addressing your unique needs, which may include better nutrition, nervous system balance, effective stress management, pain relief, tackling addiction or a combination of multiple causes.

Restore Your Balance

Natural approaches don’t just mask the symptoms or leave you feeling sluggish. Instead, they work to restore balance to your body and mind to restore not only sound sleep but also vibrant wellbeing. 

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Live Well offers a range of natural therapies for insomnia, including: