herbal medicine

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Herbs restore a state of balance

We interact with herbs every day in the food we eat and in our gardens and parks. Some herbs we even know as common weeds. However, even the most common herbs have very special properties. A trained herbalist prescribes herbs on an individual basis based on a detailed understanding of what type of dysfunction is occurring. 

Herbs have the capacity to stimulate digestion, metabolism and elimination, to release tension, to cool and soothe irritated tissue or nourish and support weakened organ function. By regulating body function a state of balance is restored resulting in better health and wellbeing and a removal of unwanted symptoms. 

The herbal tradition

The practice of herbal medicine goes back thousands of years with the earliest written records dated back to 2800BC in China. Today we are fortunate to have access to the best of both worlds; a traditional knowledge and wisdom which has been passed down from one generation to the next as well as an modern scientific understanding. 

Herbal consultations

Herbal medicine consultations involve the evaluation of your illness history as well as your current circumstances including emotional and environmental factors. With herbs we seek to address the causes and the results of current and prior patterns of illness. Keep in mind herbs can be used preventatively; you don't have to wait until you're unwell to learn more about how to maintain your health or prevent future illness.



Shanna Choudhary

Shanna brings a depth of compassion, wisdom and skill to her work as a Herbalist and Naturopath. Learn more about Shanna.