Natural Options for a Common Issue

Australian use of anti-depressants has doubled over the last decade to the point where close to one in ten people are taking anti-depressants daily. That tells you if you're suffering from depression you are not alone.

As more and more people are grappling with depression, many are unsatisfied with relying solely on a drug based approach which has created a surge in use of natural therapies and for good reason.

Beyond masking the symptoms

A holistic perspective tells us that depression, like any other symptom is a sign that the mind and body are out of balance. It's clear that drugs, whilst important and necessary for many people suffering with depression are not treating the underlying causes. Drugs can provide essential respite from difficult symptoms but for many have side effects, have limited effectiveness and ultimately don't tackle the underlying causes. 

Treating the cause

Natural therapies on the other hand address the underlying causes of depression holistically. That means they can offer you true relief from symptoms rather than a band aid and long lasting improvement rather than a short term fix. 

Natural therapies can, are often are, used in combination with conventional therapies such as psychology and medication. 

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