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If you’ve been trying to fall pregnant without success you are not alone, around one in 5 couples in Australia need help to get pregnant. Fortunately for many, there is often a simple and easy solution.

Restoring the Balance

Excellent health and wellbeing is the key to natural and easy conception. For many the combined effects of busy lifestyles, chronic stress and poor nutrition have had the result of reducing our fertility levels.

Thankfully, with the right support and simple lifestyle changes our bodies are remarkably good at bouncing back and doing what they are designed to do naturally – making babies.

Natural approaches to fertility focus on regulating hormones, ovulation and the menstrual cycle and producing better quality sperm. Natural therapies take the whole picture into account and work on supporting your body, mind and emotions.

Our approach is to understand your particular needs and then create a tailored treatment program using one or a combination of the modalities we have available at Live Well including herbal medicine, acupuncturenaturopathy, & kinesiology.

Natural fertility support works by:

  • Balancing a woman’s hormonal cycle

  • Improving the quality of a woman’s fertile mucus
  • Regulating ovulation
  • Promoting an efficient menstrual bleed
  • Improving men's sperm quality
  • Promoting embryo implantation and viable pregnancy

Known and unknown causes

Natural fertility can offer solutions for couples faced with a diagnosis of infertility where there is no known cause, or where there has been a diagnosis such as PCOS, endometriosis or ovulation problems.

Stand alone or teamwork approach

Natural medicine can be used as a sole treatment or used in conjunction with western medical or other fertility treatment. We are happy to work with your fertility Specialist or anyone else on your support team.

To get started make an appointment to see one of our natural fertility specialists today. 


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Live Well offers a range of natural therapies that can be used to support fertilty, including:



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