Pre-Conception Care


Buying a house or choosing where to invest your savings are important decisions to make. With any important decision it's vital to have the right advice.

When you're thinking of starting a family it's similarly important to have expert help. It is a little known fact that the secret to easy conception and a healthy pregnancy is excellent physical and emotional health. It also makes good sense.

In natural medicine the body is seen as an interconnected ecosystem where each aspect of our health and wellbeing are important. Treatment involves finding a balance between all of your body’s organs, fluids and vitality in order to remain in (or regain) optimum health and therefore fertility. As we have said, fertility from an holistic perspective is a natural outcome of a healthy body, infertility therefore, is seen as a sign there are imbalances in the body’s vitality that need to be addressed.

Natural medicine doesn’t just focus on the symptom it goes further by treating the whole body in order to bring your system back into balance. For a woman or man preparing to conceive this requires taking a thorough look at all aspects of their physical, emotional and mental health, and looking for signs of organs and systems that need support.

Our busy lifestyles and often high levels of stress can result in sub-par health. Its vitally important to address your health, preferably BEFORE you become pregnant. As your vitality at conception affects the vitality that is passed down to your child. Therefore one of the most important gifts you can give to your child is to take the time to prepare for becoming pregnant. 

We can help you take stock of your wellbeing and if need be help to get you back on track to radiant health using a combination of dietary changes, herbal medicine, natural supplements and acupuncture. Its one of the most important things you can do for your family.