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Clear the effects of stress from your body and mind and build resilience and vitality to prevent stress from taking hold again.

If you’re suffering from prolonged stress then your body will be giving you clues that just trying to cope is no longer working. 

If you push yourself through the day with low energy and high stress, finding you need to rely more and more on stimulants like sugar and caffeine to keep you going through the day you will know something is not right. 

Stress can manifest in many ways 

Whilst stress is common it is not a trivial issue, in fact an estimated 75-90% of all visits to a GP are for stress related complaints. Stress can manifest as anything from headaches, exhaustion, insomnia, poor concentration, indigestion and skin irritations to high blood pressure and autoimmune diseases. 


Prolonged stress results in your nervous system being in a constant state of overwhelm. For your health and wellbeing to stay buoyant, It's crucial that your nervous system has regular opportunities to rebalance. Even when you get a chance to relax, you'll find you're no longer able to effectively switch off. The success of natural therapies in treating stress is in their ability to induce states of deep relaxation and retrain your body and mind so that you can access these states again on your own.

Build resilience

As well as helping you de-stress, natural therapies strengthen your nervous system and build your resilience. That means you'll be able to live life to the full again and fit in all the things you want to do without having to put up with feeling unwell.

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