Pre and Post Natal Support


As more women seek drug-free treatment during pregnancy, natural medicine is becoming increasingly prominent as a way of solving some of the many issues that can arise for the mother to be.

Regular balancing treatments through the pregnancy benefit both mother and baby, reducing complications and assisting in the development of the baby.

Balancing treatments like acupuncture and kinesiology can be given once a month until the last month and then weekly to help prepare for labour. 


First Trimester

One of the most common first trimester challenges is morning sickness for which natural medicine is particularly effective. A recent Australian study published in the journal Birth reportes that of 593 women less than 14 weeks pregnant who participated, those who received traditional acupuncture reported having less frequent and shorter periods of nausea than the women who received no acupuncture. These improvements were felt immediately and lasted throughout the study's four-week duration. In the first trimester, acupuncture can also relieve fatigue, migraines and bleeding.


Second Trimester

As well as helping to maintain balance, in the second trimester natural remedies can help with common issues such as heartburn, haemorrhoids and stress. Additionally acupuncture can be used to treat oedema, high blood pressure and excessive weight gain although these symptoms can point to more serious underlying conditions and would be treated in conjunction with conventional medical care.


Third Trimester

In the third trimester acupuncture offers relief from sciatica, backache, pubic and joint pain as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. The positioning of the baby, so important in preparing for labour, is addressed between 32 and 36 weeks, with specific techniques that encourages the baby to move into a head-down position. The last month to 6 weeks of pregnancy treatments are tailored to optimise and prepare for labour.



Postpartum is one of the most important times to receive support, whether by helping the body recover from labour by treating structural issues resulting in pain or through helping restore vitality expended in pregnancy and birthing. Treatment at this time can make a huge difference to your first few moths of motherhood. 


Postnatal Support

If you have had good support all through your pregnancy you have a much greater chance of being in great shape after having brought your precious child into the world. Sometimes however the enormous physical and emotional changes that take place through pregnancy can leave imbalances.

The baby blues can include feeling un-naturally low, having sleep disturbances and feeling irritable. Anxiety often accompanies postnatal depression and can become over-whelming without support.

Natural medicine offers a gentle yet powerful way of re-harmonising energy after childbirth. It is a particularly useful support for post-natal depression and tiredness/exhaustion. As it works on the mind and the body, it can relieve physical discomforts and thus restore emotional balance.

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