Sweet Success - How to Kick Your Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings can take hold of you in more ways than one and for some, sugar is an addiction. There are many natural techniques that help your body and mind through cravings. You don't have to let sugar control you!

Physiologically, your body does a lot of work to restore balance after a sugar binge. Recent research suggests that sugar lights up the addictive pleasure pathways in the brain in a similar way to cocaine and heroin.

When you try to cut down on sugar your body gets temporarily out of balance and you can feel irritable, anxious, confused or have trouble sleeping – meaning, you experience cravings and withdrawal.

Emotionally and mentally, cutting out sugar can reveal thought patterns and emotions that have been masked by your daily intake of sugar, such as low-self esteem or feeling unfulfilled in some way.

Apart from the many health benefits, resolving addiction to any substance can do one fundamental thing for you that will change your life for the better; it can help you find yourself again. You could be stressed, tired from life, a little lost or may not have known yourself in the first place. Sugar can become the artificial high so that life feels a little bit sweeter. Only the feel good effects don’t last and after indulging, you have a sugar crash and nothing has changed.

What happens when you strip away false supports such as sugar hits? You bring yourself back to your centre and are able to connect to what is meaningful in life, what resonates with you and begin to live authentically. This could be finding positive people, places, jobs, thoughts or emotions, and from these connections with your true self you find peace, joy and wisdom.

It is important to look at the underlying reasons behind why you crave sugar. The more we work on the core issues, the better we understand ourselves and the stronger we become physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You are able to nourish yourself through positive activities and don't even feel the need for sugar! Imagine that?!

This may sound like a big step but fear not, there is much you can do to help yourself through cravings! Once you start listening to your body and supporting yourself, you will find it easier to beat those cravings and negative behaviours as you start to feel more energised, clearer and balanced.

Simple Ways to reduce sugar cravings

  • Use essential oils mixed with a carrier oil and massage into your feet, put drops in a bath or on your pillow: Geranium for healing and emotions, Marjoram for anxiety and Clary Sage for sleep, nervous tension and stress.
  • Acupressure is easy, it balances the energy systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Chakras – place your hands on the soles of your feet or across your wrists for 5-10 minutes upon waking and before bed.
  • Enjoy sweet treats by replacing sugar with natural sweeteners such as Stevia or rice syrup.

You don’t have to do it alone

If you would like to work on overcoming addiction or sugar cravings, come and see me at the Live Well Spa & Wellness Centre in Manuka, to book call 6295 0400. You don’t have to rely on your will power alone. Kinesiology can help you uncover blocks  that have been preventing you from getting back into balance. So if you’d like Kate expert support give Live Well a call.

Kate Pamphilon is I Quit Sugar's resident kinesiologist. The online community of IQS leads the way by bringing awareness of the latest research into the effects of sugar, sugar-free recipes, meal plans and promotion of well-being.


Did you know that blood sugar imbalances can have a negative effect on your fertility? Poor blood sugar control has been proven to lead to more serious conditions such as insulin resistance, diabetes and PCOS all of which are conditions that can impact your fertility.


What Is Blood Sugar?

The sugar present in our blood is called glucose and our bodies use this for everything from simple things like talking, breathing and thinking to more complex activities of walking, exercising and cleaning the house.

Any food that we eat has an effect on our blood sugar levels. These levels can change depending on what we feed our body. After a meal, our blood sugar levels rise and then fall again as our body either uses or stores away the energy. Blood sugar levels that are imbalances (either too low or too high) can be quite dangerous, which is obviously not ideal when you want to be in tip top shape to get pregnant and create a healthy baby.


Why Is Diet So Important To My Fertility?

To maintain optimum blood sugar levels it is important to base your meals on non-starchy vegetables and quality protein. This ensures that your body is getting the nutrients it needs in order to do both simple and complex tasks, and prevents your blood sugar levels from getting too out of whack. Experts recommend having a serve of protein about the size and thickness of your palm – however, don’t include your fingers! – for meat and chicken, or the size of your whole hand for fish. Using this sizing of protein for every meal and combining it with fresh vegetables (steamed or raw is best) makes for the perfect, balanced meal.

There are some foods that are best avoided as well, particularly if you do have current blood sugar problems. Caution is advised for simple sugars such as table sugar, and refined carbohydrates such as white flour as both of these are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream. This causes spikes in blood sugar levels and produces a sudden release of insulin. This is then followed by a quick fall as the glucose stashed away.


Understanding The Glycaemic Index and Low GI

The glycaemic index (GI) is a ranking of carbohydrates on a scale from 0-100 according to how much they raise blood sugar levels after eating. Foods with a high GI are hastily broken down and absorbed. This results in significant fluctuations in your blood sugar levels. On the other hand, low GI foods are digested and absorbed slowly. This produces a gradual rise in blood sugar and insulin levels, which has been proven to be of benefit to general health and fertility. Low GI foods are those that are 55 and under on the scale; medium is 56 to 69; and high GI foods are 70 and above.

There are many benefits of incorporating a low GI diet into your life including:

  • Improved fertility
  • Weight loss
  • Improved management of PCOS
  • Improved diabetes control
  • Decreased risk of gestational diabetes – for when you do fall pregnant
  • Reduced hunger and feeling satisfied for longer
  • Increased physical endurance
  • Reduced risk of heart disease
  • Reduced blood cholesterol levels

As you can see blood sugar plays an important part in your fertility, so for improved success at falling pregnant why not try a change in your diet to low GI; you may be surprised by just how good you feel.