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Access your inner wealth of peace and happiness

If you have a busy and demanding life, and who doesn't these days, learning to meditate is no longer a 'nice to have' it is an essential wellness tool to have in your modern day survival kit. 

Meditation allows you to swap anxiety for peace, stress for happiness, worry for clarity, overwhelm for flow. 

Research shows meditation can effectively reduce negative symptoms of stress such as chronic pain, lack of concentration, anxiety and depression and assists to calm and revitalise the nervous system. 

At Live Well we offer small group courses and one-one-one mentoring both in-house and online.



Katrina Howard

Mindfulness Meditation

In-House Training

'Managing the Madness' is a six week Mindfulness Meditation program to help people in Canberra reconnect with their inner balance and peace of mind. 

Click here to find out more about Managing the Madness. 


Meditate with Wes 

Online Training

A self paced online learn to meditate program and meditation community to give you the skills and ongoing support to access your inner stillness and peace. Created by Live Well Director, Wes Smith. 

Click here to visit the Meditate With Wes website.


These courses book out quickly so if you are interested in attending or would like more information please get in touch with us! 


Katrina is the is the co-creator of Managing the Madness, a 6 week mindfulness based meditation program, to help participants to manage day to day stress and anxiety and enhance meaningful enjoyment for life.

Learn more about Katrina


Wes Smith

Wes is the Director of the Live Well Spa and Wellness Centre and has a special interest in teaching meditation to people dealing with stress, anxiety and depression.

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