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Acupuncture | Herbal Medicine | Meditation
Director of Live Well

wesley smith acupuncture meditation canberra

Wes has a special interest in Immune Health as well as the treatment of stress, anxiety and depression.

Wes was drawn to working in the field of health and healing through his experiences practicing Yoga and in particular meditation. He began by studying acupuncture gaining a B.App.Sc.(Acup) at UTS, then returning to Canberra to study a Diploma of Herbal medicine and a Yoga Teaching Diploma.

He is passionate about inspiring and educating people to create and sustain their vitality and wellbeing so they can live life to the full.

Apart from his clinical practice Wesley enjoys writing, speaking and educating about meditation and is the creator of a online resource for teaching and inspiring people to meditate.

In his own time Wesley enjoys meditation, surfing, travel and drinking chai. 


Acupuncture | Chinese Herbal Medicine | Yoga Teacher

mish headshot.png

Michelle Cook has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine for close to 30 years. After four years study in Australia, followed by further study at the Guangzhou Hospital of TCM, Michelle went on to establish clinics in Sydney, Alice Springs, Canberra, Fiji and Switzerland.

 Michelle was living and working in Switzerland for 10 years. She ran her own busy practice in Geneva and also helped to establish a TCM unit within the Centre de Procreation Medicalement Assistee et d'endocrinologie Gynecologique in Lausanne which gave her the opportunity to work closely with five endocrinologists supporting women with their fertility, IVF cycles and general health with excellent results. Whilst in Switzerland, Michelle also undertook further post-graduate studies in gynaecology with Dr Wu, chief of gynaecology at Beijing Hospital of TCM.

Michelle uses acupuncture, moxibustion and Chinese herbal medicine, as well as dietary, lifestyle and exercise advice to treat and prevent a wide range of conditions. In addition to her technical application of Chinese Medicine, Michelle's strengths lie in her ability to communicate and to encourage and support her patients on their journey to good health. Michelle has a special interest in women's health; especially in regards to fertility, pregnancy, and women's life cycles. Michelle has also been a yoga teacher for over 30 years.


Bodywork | Remedial Massage | Bowen Therapy | Cupping | Scar Tissue Release Therapy

Takako Mizogami Remedial Massage Canberra.png

Takako is our most experienced remedial massage therapist and has exceptional skills and an intuitive style. Takako’s treatments are nurturing, relaxing and centering combining her knowledge of western and eastern massage as well as Bowen therapy.

Takako is experienced in: remedial massage, Chinese massage, cupping, magnet therapy, oncology massage, Scar Tissue Release Therapy, pregnancy & post natal massage, foot massage, body work, Qigoing exercise.
Takako loves Qi Gong and is interested in training to become a Fascia Fitness Instructor.


Naturopathy | EFT

shanna choudhary naturaopth canberra

Shanna is a qualified Naturopath and EFT Practitioner, and member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA). 

Shanna's journey with natural medicine came about through her own health challenges. She has a special interest in helping people with natural fertility, hormone balance, stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue and general wellbeing.

Shanna provides holistic and individualised support to promote more vibrant health and ease of wellbeing; using Food as Medicine & Nutritional Therapy, Herbal Medicine, EFT meridian tapping, Lifestyle practices and Self-care techniques.

She works closely with her clients, applying a blend of evidence-based, scientific knowledge, with Traditional wisdom, Eastern/Western & Metaphysical philosophies and approaches; along with the underpinning principle of Holism (honouring the mind/body/spirit connection, and that we are the sum of all of our parts), to meet you where you are at, and provide an individualised treatment path, along with the education and tools to empower you in taking charge of your wellness, so you can get the most out of your health care.


Remedial Massage | Aromatherapy | Reiki

Toni is an experienced and gifted remedial massage therapist. She has a knack of being able to release tension and restore your body to balance.

Toni also has an extensive knowledge of aromatherapy and can advise on appropriate remedies to bring harmony to body and mind. Additionally Toni is experienced in using crystals and energy healing techniques including Reiki to balance and revitalise your subtle energy. 


Remedial Massage

zara canberra massage

Zara has a strong background in remedial massage, as well as years of experience working in a five star spa environment, so she is an absolute expert at helping you to melt away tension and relax deeply.

Zara was drawn to remedial massage through her desire to promote health and wellbeing with a holistic approach.  Committed to helping you achieve improved muscular function, pain relief and stress reduction through a range of remedial and relaxation techniques. She studied remedial massage in Melbourne, then spent three years living in Darwin, where she had the opportunity to continue remedial work in a beautiful, tropical day spa, as well as discovering a passion for skincare, facials and body pampering. 

Zara's interest in health and physiological function brought her to the University of Canberra, where she is studying a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science and Bachelor of Human Nutrition.


Meditation | Counselling


Katrina is the is the co-creator of Managing the Madness, a 6 week mindfulness based meditation program, to help participants to manage day to day stress and anxiety and enhance meaningful enjoyment for life.

Katrina is also a qualified and experienced counsellor and coach. She holds a Bachelor of Counselling and Human Change and offers professional guidance and support to people at all stages of life, whether they are experiencing challenging times or just want help to set goals and plan towards greater health, happiness and wellbeing. Katrina runs a highly successful coaching practice Katrina Howard Coaching and Connecting for Change, working with clients across issues relating to relationships, work, family and health.



Holistic GP | Integrative Medicine

Dr Orla Teahan M.B. B.Ch. B.A.O. FRACGP qualified from Trinity College, Dublin in 1990.
In 1991 she moved to Australia with her Australian husband and son. After some travelling adventures and two more children she settled in Sydney where she completed her fellowship in General Practice and subsequently ran her own private practice in Newport for close to twenty years. Orla is particularly passionate about women’s health and improving mental health in families. Recently Orla moved to Canberra with her family and has had an enriching experience working in Aboriginal Health with a focus on mental health and trauma.

Orla’s philosophy is to combine the best of conventional Western Medicine with evidence based complimentary therapies to offer and achieve the best results for each and every individual patient.

“Each one of us has our own story and life experience which makes our journey into wellness unique. It is not always the ‘typical’ or ‘standard’ approach that works for every patient and therefore combining several appraoches has the potential to achieve the best results for the individual.” The importance of a collaborative and supportive doctor/patient relationship is paramount to explore the layers and the history of the symptoms that can present themselves when we don’t feel well.

Orla is passionate about enabling and empowering people to be the best versions of themselves and to take control of their health and journey to wellness. Over the years Orla has found alternate therapies to help people cope in this stressful modern era which she combines with traditional western medicine. Some of these techniques include Meditation, Mindfulness training along with the Expressive Arts Therapies.



kate pamphilon kinesiology canberra

Kate's passion is to educate and empower each client to understand their mind, body, and Spirit and how these aspects are all connected. Her integrative approach to health and healing is to explore and treat the whole person. Kate is the creator of Holistic by Nature and is also on the expert panel of I Quit Sugar.

Through kinesiology, you can talk to your body; it gives you a direct line to your subconscious and ego mind, your Spirit, emotions and thought processes, and your body via the energy systems of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Hindu chakras and the muscles in your body. Hear the truth, love and wisdom of your heart and learn a lot about yourself. Map a picture of blockages and stress in your energy systems and release them to be at your best. It is not a massage. 

If you would like to pamper yourself, Kate is also trained in Ka Huna bodywork! Ka Huna provides a holistic approach to healing by balancing the body-mind in its physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions. It is deeply relaxing, energising if need be and free-flowing.


Acupuncture | Chinese Herbal Medicine

sally nourse fertility acupuncture canberra

Sally has a special interest in working with couples to overcome fertility challenges as well as continuing to support women throughout pregnancy and beyond. 

Sally has a Bachelor of Health Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine) from the University of Technology Sydney and a Diploma of Health Science in Eastern Massage therapy (Shiatsu and Tuina) from the Canberra Institute of Technology.

Sally is a caring person by nature and really enjoys treating health issues through the treatment principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Sally is especially passionate about the field of Traditional Chinese Gynaecology and natural fertility, finding it to be a particularly rewarding field of interest for both herself and her patients.

Sally’s interests outside of her work with clinets include gardening, reading, cooking and eating fine foods.  



Carla Wiltshire naturopath canberra

Carla is a fully qualified naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and is a member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA). Her interest in natural health began at a young age, sourcing remedies from the backyard and kitchen where possible. After living in China and Papua New Guinea, where she got to experience alternative health practices, Carla’s interest in natural medicine developed into a passion.

Carla’s main areas of interest include digestive disorders, immune dysfunction, and female health issues. She engages with her clients through empathy, kindness and, most importantly, listening to their needs. Carla is a firm believer in continued education and brings that belief to her consultations.

Her aim is to educate her clients so they can take pro-active steps to take control of their health.

Carla formulates individualised treatment plans to enhance health, wellness and overall vitality with the use of herbal and nutritional medicine.

At home Carla can be found mixing dried herbs to make custom-made teas, not only for improving health, but also for the general love of it!


Relaxation Massage | Beauty Therapy 

Prisca Portrait.png

Prisca is an experienced Spa and Massage Therapist with a wealth of experience in high end spas from Madagascar to London and Canberra. 

She works closely with her clients to make sure to reach a high standard with every treatment she provides. Sheis particularly fond of using hot stone massage to melt away tension and relieve muscle aches. According to Prisca, hot stone massage is the best way to remove toxins from your body, improve blood circulation and energy flow while bringing a sense of well being to your mind and body.

Prisca has always had a desire to help people. For her, being able to help people release emotional and physical stress, resolve pain and see a smile and an expression of total relaxation as a result is priceless. 

Prisca has a Diploma of Holistic and Beauty Therapy and  member of International Institute for Complementary Therapist (IICT)


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