Choose the speciality massage that's perfect for you.


Pamper Me

Give yourself the gift of this luxurious and delightful experience incorporating Lotus Wei’s Infinite Love serum. Enjoy a full body hot stone massage for deep relaxation and release.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage + Infinite Love

90 Minutes - $163

Detox Me

Feeling sluggish and tired? Experience the benefits of cleansing and renewal without all the hard work! Beginning with dry brush exfoliation to stimulate the lymphatic system and leave your skin silky smooth and soft, followed by a full body massage to boost circulation, clear toxicity and increase vitality. Utilising Lotus Wei’s Joy Juice serum to revitalise and bring lightness to your heart.

Exfoliation + Full Body Massage + Joy Juice

90 Minutes - $142


Baby and Me

Enjoy a blissful experience in the hands of our skilled and experienced therapists whilst allowing yourself and your baby to benefit from a nurturing and pampering treatment. Massage in pregnancy helps to relieve aches and pains, reduce fluid build up and is calming to the mind and balancing for the emotions.

Specialist Pregnancy Massage

60 or 90 Minutes - $109/ $163


Relax Me

Tailored to meet your needs this treatment can be a deep tissue tension releasing massage or a gently pampering experience. Either way, enhanced with Lotus Wei’s quiet mind serum it will completely dissolve your stress.

Tailored Full Body Massage + Quiet Mind

60/90 minutes – $95/ $142    

Balance Me

Combining a full body massage with foot massage to activate and balance the energy centres in your body, enhanced with Lotus Wei’s Inner peace serum to leave you feeling delightfully calm, revitalised and ever so centred.  

Full Body Massage + Foot Massage + Inner Peace

90 minutes - $142       


Remedial Massage

Featuring Thai Yoga, Reflexology and more, we have a wide range of Remedial Massages to choose from. To find out more click here.

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