Do you have a belly ring and are trying to fall pregnant? Fertility Acupuncture Specialist Sally Nourse explains how belly rings can interfere with you vital energy and hinder your fertility.


Keeping The Balance

The human body has a network of meridians (or energy channels) that run through the body. In order for the body to maintain balance, the energy must flow uninterrupted through the meridians.

Acupuncturists work on these meridians to help balance your body’s energy systems resulting in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Conception Meridian

The meridian that runs through your belly button is known as the Conception Vessel. This is where everything involving reproductive healing, hormone regulation, ovulation, menstruation, implantation and the quality of your eggs occurs.

This is where the belly ring poses a couple of issues. Firstly, it creates a permanent obstruction to one of the acupuncture points that lies on this meridian. Acupuncturists NEVER needle this point in a clinical situation. In fact, it is forbidden to do so in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

Secondly as mentioned above the Conception meridian that runs through your belly button is the most important meridian influencing fertility. When a piercing is placed at this point it creates a physical blockage; meaning that the energy cannot pass freely through the channel a bit like a dam blocking a river. Even though the Chinese Medicine theory that describes meridians is ancient, modern research has confirmed that they do exist.


Maximise Your Chances of Pregnancy

This doesn’t mean that you can’t fall pregnant if you have a belly ring, however it means that if you want to maximise your chances of falling pregnant then it’s a good idea to remove the ring and also to seek out an acupuncturist who can restore the flow to the Conception Vessel meridian and prepare your body to become pregnant.